Status Update: Thu 26 April 2012 @22:15

LOCATION : Birmingham, England – next to the radiator.
LISTENING TO : Complete silence, except for the whir of my Dell Studio laptop.
CONTEMPLATING : What I like and what I don’t like. It’s to help me overcome my overly single-minded and task oriented aspect. I’ve been putting my enjoyments aside and letting them languish with neglect, in favour of more productive activities.
PLANS FOR THE DAY : The day has come and gone. The rest of the evening is for settling and winding down. Today was, in fact, quite busy. Sourced a present for the daughter of a friend, whose Buddhist christening for her 12th birthday is coming up soon. We got her a charm bracelet with a strawberry and cream charm. Then I went for a session with my psychologist which was quite positive today. Finally, I went to the gym to enquire about personal training sessions and discovered that my low-calorie diet is not enough to sustain exercising. I’m missing 500 calories out of 2,000 calorie diet required for gym exercises. So maybe I’m not as unfit as I fear, maybe I’m fading out during the gym classes because my body just doesn’t have enough energy to sustain the exercising.
LATEST RETAIL THERAPY DISCLOSURE : Charm bracelet for the daughter of a friend.
Couldn’t really manage the 1/2 hour taster for personal training.
I have friends who actually and actively use Facebook and Whatsapp.

Warm flowers
Warmth – I’ve been feeling that more nowadays. Since my moods have been stabilised I’ve been feeling more warm towards people and even generous.


What I am doing now?
Trying to work out I’m supposed to unload my brain after a busy day. To process what’s gone on and what’s to come.


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