Co-habitation and weight gain


There is a tradition in some cultures that men and women would eat separately.  It appears that there is logic is the madness, but so long as we know where we might be going wrong with co-ed eating, we don’t have to make such staunch resolve to eat separately.  After all, where is the fun?  Where is the spice of life if everything must be done men vs. women?  Below is an article outlining what can be done if you find yourself gaining weight after moving in with your loved one.


Food, Love, Happiness

Marie Claire UK magazine
February 2013


   The average woman puts on 16lbs when she starts living with her partner.  Dietician Alison Hornby explains how to avoid the loved-up contentment trap.

DON’T snack and share his meals.  Women are more likely to snack, while men tend to eat larger meals.  Most women gain weight when they move in with a man because they carry on snacking and then match his portion sizes at mealtimes.

DON’T eat what he eats.  Women need 2,000 calories a day and should have no more than one unit of alcohol (a 125ml glass of wine), compared to men who can eat 2,500 and consume two units.  your plate should always be two-thirds of his.

DON’T be tempted to cut out dairy.  This can starve you of calcium and put you more at risk of osteoporosis.  It can also make you more susceptible  to sugary snacks.

DON’T assume a diet with less carbohydrate and fat is more nutritious.  Variety and moderation is the  key.

DON’T let your fridge go empty.  Couples who plan meals together tend to have healthier diets overall, especially if they cook quick and easy food, like a stir-fry rather than reaching for takeaways or meals out when the fridge is empty.  


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