Illuminations of my personal insecurities and deep phobias… *^_^*

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:: prolonged tiredness = death

:: go for a series of high-quality therapeutic massages

:: medicine doesn’t work

:: work with the underlying concepts: understand the medicine and benefits

:: I’ll never be able to get enough sleep

:: work on the quality of sleep and take power naps during the day to top-up, if necessary

:: I’m always hungry and can’t seem to finish eating satisfactorily

:: eat regularly and with the correct proportions of the food groups cooked in the right way; ensure you sometimes fast to use up any excess or ‘older’ stored foods inside your body – i.e. detox every so often

:: stress prevents proper eating, digestion and assimilation of ingested food leading to phantom hunger… allow false hunger to subside.  Recognize real hunger and feed it healthily

:: pay full attention to eating and allow your brain to register the food and your body to recognise it is eating

:: exercise isn’t enough to keep fit and stay fit

:: must choose the right one for you and your objectives – it must fit into your life, lifestyle and preferences

:: no one understands me properly

:: it’s everyone’s problem; and anyway, who wants to really be an open book?

:: my life has gone mouldy and stale

:: over-excitement is bad for you; at a certain point in life you should have enough depth to love the peaceful plains of lovely levelness

:: my life is frantic – I’m in permanent turbulence

:: seek help and calm – re-organize; no one will die if you stop, step back and re-group yourself

:: I feel as if the world will cave in and collapse on top of me at any minute

:: breathe and take one step at a time

:: maybe this is all there is to the world and my life?

:: relax, is it that bad? if you need to live a little, please do. living a little allows the better things to seep in and the worse things to seep out.

:: everyone else is my stress

:: maybe you are their stress too? better to understand what the real problem is. in fact, do you have any deeper understanding of anything or anyone?

:: I listen to everyone’s opinion except my own and have turned into a clone

:: learn to trust yourself, which is a huge step to take and a long learning curve to believe your points of view are worthy enough to  action substantially

:: I worry I’m going to regret everything I’ve ever done and will ever do

:: ok, really, lighten up… Punk


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