Diamond Jubilee

Watching the River Pageant, my dad was glued to the BBC News coverage of it and refused to do anything else until he had seen the opening of Tower Bridge! My mother was capturing snapshots off the telly on her iPhone… Shame the rain washed out a bit of the glorious colours of the day, but the crowds didn’t let it ruin anything.

QEII and Queen Vic

pic source 1: telegraph.co.uk

River Pageant-1

pic source 2: expressandstar.com

River Pageant-2

pic source 3: bathknightblog.com

River Pageant-3

pic source 4: flickr.com

diamond jubilee logodiamond jubilee print

pic source 5: ukflagshop.com                                    pic source 6: garmentprinting.co.uk


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