Status 18/Dec 20:11

What I am doing now?

Watching ‘Sister May’ do some cooking on TVB Jade, with a Miss Hong Kong of the ‘90s.

What am I listening to?

Listening to Sister May describe her chicken soup.

Any plans for the day?

Finish today on a better note than the one I’m on now.  Watch the Mr Asia Competition on ATV Home and then say a prayer before entering my night time vibes.  Have thoughts on whether I need a boyfriend or not.  Enter dreamland and then spruce up enough energy to visit the two doctors I’ve been appointed to see tomorrow.

How am I doing?

Really not that well, I’m afraid.  And that is true.  I keep feeling fearful.  I don’t know why.  I feel insecure and apprehensive about almost everything, but I try to keep it light and ignore it.  I hide it.  I know it’s probably not the right way, but by denying it I keep it at bay.  Maybe I need to voice it more.  Then blow the smoke off it and de-clutter my brain.  That way, is probably more suitable to long-term planning, of which I am not a part of right now.  Apparently I have dysthmia.


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