Is your mind filling up with trivial irrelevance?

GothWho doesn’t need a mental check-in every so often?  Preferably regularly than infrequent and sporadic.  Apparently we do need to service and maintain our grey matter for it to function at peak performance, especially as we age. 

They have discovered that relaxation allows us to purge our minds of irrelevant clutter.  So, if you don’t do a daily cleanse at the end of the day, may we suggest you get onto an annual service and cleanse? 

Mind you, a daily cleanse and an annual cleanse are not the same and probably are not substitutes for one another.  It is suggested that is what our vacations are for: a mental workout.

Time for a mental spring clean

Psychologies magazine | Upfront ideas | Mind
June 2011

If spring is the season to declutter your home, make summer the time to clear out your mind.  Research* suggests that the older we get, the more irrelevant information we store in our heads.  And the more mental clutter, the harder it is to retain memories and find practical solutions to life’s everyday problems.

‘Older adults are less able to keep irrelevant information out of their consciousness, which then affects other mental abilities,’ says Mervin Blair, one of the authors of the study.  ‘If you don’t reduce your mental clutter, you may not get anything done.’

He recommends relaxation exercises to keep your mind clutter-free, whatever your age.  Yoga works well, or a more seasonal way to refresh your mind might be to lie on a beach with a book in one hand and a tall, iced drink in the other.  And if anyone asks, you can tell them you’re just doing your mental workout or a little summer cleansing.

*Mervin Blair et al, ‘The Role of Age and Inhibitory Efficiency In Working Memory Processing And Storage Components’, The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2010


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