WordPress.com: Scottish Country House’s “The case of the missing earring”

Another wordpress.com post I’ve enjoyed… this time from Cordelia who blogs under the website “Scottish Country House”.

My posted comment to her follows below…

Nerd smile   But before you read her post, I want to say I *really* do share the same feelings but I’m so used to city-living now and I love keeping up i.e. wearing, not just purchasing, the latest trends and fashions (but I discipline and restrict myself, plus I’ve had years of personal hands-on shopping ‘training’ from my mother (!)) that sometimes a missing item, a carelessly misplaced object, or an accidentally lost personal accessory is a secret, guilty joy to expose, over-wear, abuse and exploit something new. 

I’m rarely frivolous, but I don’t delve so much now in sentimental thoughts… a side-effect of being citified within city-living…  Embarrassed smile  … 

I  Red heart  the SENTIMENTS EXPOSED in Cordelia’s post …  Send a kiss  … read on…

Scottish Country House-case of missing earring-blog-2011-06


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