What to do if you’re tired at work?

Tired teamwork

Psychologies | Upfront Ideas
December 2011

Getting anything done first thing in the morning is tough when you’re feeling sleepy, but instead of going on a coffee run, team up with a group of tired colleagues.  New research has shown that a group of tired people is more effective when they work as a team than on their own.  When you’re tired, you can’t think flexibly, so struggle to find successful solutions, says Daniel Frings, a lecturer in social psychology.  But being part of a team counteracts that inflexibility and helps get things done.



Who would have thought?  Tired person + tired person + tired person = synergy.  You can still have synergy when the group is tired.  How many people would have experienced this then?  I suppose each person could be tired in a different way which would then negatively and positively affect the work from a different standpoint.  This means you can catch each others’ faults as they arise.


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