Actress Robin Wright sounds out some sensibilities



Intro: Some very sound thoughts trickling out from a sensible soul… in the form of actress Robin Wright.


Robin Wright
Hollywood actress, ex-Mrs Sean Penn, age 45

Psychologies magazine
November 2011

  1. I made a decision to prioritise my children and I have no regrets about that.
    — on her choice to leave her Hollywood career to become a full-time mother and wife
  2. Your children are the most solid thing in your life and you enjoy the comfort and stability that come from fashioning your world around them. Then, when you realise that they are ready to leave, you start confronting your own fears about who you really are and what you want to make of yourself.  now that my children are growing up, I’m ready to focus on my own life again.
    — on rebuilding her career after a long marriage and focus on her children
  3. I’ve entered a new chapter in my life now, where I’m ready to work more and push myself a lot harder than I ever have.” 
    — on her new focus in life
  4. I was a loner as a teenager.  I was a very serious individual and I was also unhappy growing up; I don’t really understand why.
    — on why she has doubts and fears
  5. I was struggling with my identity and didn’t have the kind of confidence in myself that I should have had.  It’s been an on-going struggle.
    — on her constant battle with self-confidence
  6. I had a dark side and I didn’t get along with other girls.  Most of my friends were guys and so that irritated the girls in school.
    — on the cause of her teenage turmoil
  7. It’s taken me a long time to get rid of all the anxieties and inner turmoil that kept me from feeling as happy and open as I should have been.
    — on what stopped her living as she should have
  8. I’ve reached the point in life where I don’t worry whether I’m good or not.  I’m just going to do it anyway and things will be fine.
    — on her new, more relaxed form of confidence
  9. I wasn’t interested in working on films that were more about money than art.
    — on her choice of roles in her acting career
  10. I spent a year in Paris when I was 16 and 17 and being able to travel in Europe at that age was a revelation.
    — on what caused her eyes to open while still young
  11. Paris is where I grew up and started to feel less self-absorbed.
    — on how life in a new city, Paris, enabled her to blossom
  12. I think they value their mother’s advice more today than ever before because they’re becoming more independent and so there are many more choices and decisions they’re dealing with.  But my children are strong.
    — on the type of rapport she currently has with her children
  13. Their father Sean (Penn) has given them a strong moral centre and he’s taught them that there’s only one way – the right way – to deal with other people and to to respect them.
    — on her ex-husband’s role in their children’s lives



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