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At thirty-years old, the thirteenth in line to the British throne married in the second royal wedding of the year at the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, earlier this week and became Mrs Michael James Tindall.  She is a horse eventing world champion and former Sports Personality of the Year, but with her new steed High Kingdom has still to fulfil her dream of becoming part of Team GB.  Her new husband is a rugby union international and just 72 hours after their wedding, Zara Phillips granted an interview with a select few to discuss a few things.

Herein are a few quotes from her interview.

Quotes from the article

Speaking for the first time about her ‘amazing’ wedding

Zara Phillips

on walking down the aisle and being Mrs Tindall
– but why babies will have to wait

Report by: Rosie Dunn in Hello! magazine,
15 August 2011, no. 1187, p. 60

  1. Zara Phillips is anything but conventional.
    ~ on how Zara chooses to spend her time
  2. “I really enjoyed it.  To have all of your friends there in one place, for both of us, was the best part of the wedding.”
    ~ on how she enjoyed her big day the most
  3. “Everyone looked really serious when I walked in.”
    ~ on the guests’ reactions to her entrance on the aisle
  4. It was clearly an incredible party and a night that few of those present will ever forget.
    ~ on the result of the wedding
  5. But the blushing bride, whose blue eyes sparkle as brightly as her engagement diamond, is clearly made of sterner stuff.  When told by Channel 4’s Alice Plunkett that she looked “stunning” in her Stewart Parvin wedding dress, her response is razor sharp.  “I had a lot of work done,” she replies gesturing to her face, where her tongue is firmly in her cheek.
    ~ on how grounded Zara is, despite being the centre of attention at such a lavish event she didn’t loose her wit
  6. Tanned, toned and brimming with health and happiness, the Queen’s granddaughter has already announced that professionally she will still be known as Zara Phillips.  “I’m very much Mrs Tindall, and will be privately and I’m sure publicly, but for professional and sponsors I’m going to keep Phillips – I’ll use both,” the former eventing world champion explains matter of factly.
    ~ on how she will be using her married name in combination with her maiden name, a dilemma of many married women
  7. “Truthfully, I don’t know when I’ll take my honeymoon.  We both work so hard we’ll have to wait until we’re retired,” Zara admits ruefully.
    ~ on how the honeymoon will have to fit around their busy schedules
  8. “It is always nice to dress up but day in, day out, horse riding is what I do.  These are the kind of clothes that I know and wear every day, so it was easier for me to do that.”
    ~ on ZP 176, her children’s equestrian collection in collaboration with Musto Outdoor Clothing
  9. “I grew up wearing Musto, so the idea is… more like making their range a bit like a version of mini-me.”
    ~ on her vision when designing her range of children’s equestrian clothing
  10. “I don’t get broody,” she says, laughing.
    ~ on the question of staring a family of her own

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