Quotes from the movie “It’s all about the women”



..::..:: Brief introductionSoda Cup 2

The crux of It’s All About The Women centres around Mary Haines’ dilapidated marriage as she discovers her Wall Street honcho husband is having an affair with the perfume girl at Saks.  As this continues, Mary’s relationships with her girl friends pulls and tugs as their lives grow and they face dilemmas such as facing fiercer, younger competition in their careers. 

The four gal pals are:

  • Mary Haines ~ Meg Ryan
  • Edie Cohen ~ Debra Messing
  • Alex Fisher ~ Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Sylvie Fowler ~ Annette Bening

And the spritzer girl is:

  • Crystal Allen ~ Eva Mendes

Quotes from the film

It’s all about… THE WOMEN (2008)

Sales: Would you like a face-lift in a jar?
Woman: This is my face, deal with it.

– – – – –

Little girl: What’s this? *pulling out the contraceptive diaphragm*
Mum: A travel coffee filter.

– – – – –

Woman 1: Well, I might as well let you know, I’m eating for two.
Woman 2: Oh my god, don’t you ever say no?

– – – – –

Woman: Excuse me, designing the perfect little frock for a woman to wear home from hip replacement surgery isn’t exactly my line of work.

– – – – –

Mother and daughter meet for lunch and the daughter breaks the news of her husband having an affair outside of their 13-year marriage, while accusing her mother of not being able to understand – –

Mum: Well, let me try. It feels like someone kicked you in the stomach, it feels like your heart stopped beating. It feels like that dream when you are falling and you want to desperately wake up before you hit the ground but it’s all out of your control. you can’t trust anything anymore, no one is who they say they are. Your life is changed forever and the only thing to come out of the whole ugly experience is that no one will ever be able to break your heart like that again.

Daughter: I can’t believe you never told me that.

Mum: I wanted you to love your father.

Daughter: Who was she?

Mum: Some little skank who sold fabric.  I met her once.  She wore too much make-up and her bra straps were always showing.

Daughter: What did you do when you found out?

Mum: Nothing. 

Daughter: Nothing?

Mum: I had a smart mother too: “Mary, that girl does not mean anything more to Stephen than the fabric he wore meant to your father.  If he loved her, believe me, he would have felt it.”

– – – – –

Alex: “You know Mary doesn’t like looking at the cracks, she’s too busy filling them.  Our girl is all blue sky, but sooner or later…”

– – – – –

All three girl friends go to visit Mary to reveal what they know about the affair…

Mary: Is this about the perfume bitch?

Sylvie: You knew and you didn’t tell me!  Right now, honest to god Mary, I’m so hurt.

Mary: You?!  This isn’t happening to you, it’s happening to me! …

[protests and outcries from all women in the group]

Mary: Ok, ok, OK! I appreciate all of you trying to help, I really do.  But please, don’t dissect and analyse every square inch of this right now, I can’t take it.  Just be there for me… SILENTLY!  OK, let’s go.

Sylvie: *walks to her car* I should not be operating heavy machinery right now.

– – – – –

Mary confronts the perfume spritzer girl, Crystal, when pushed by Sylvie to do so because the three of them coincide in the dressing area of a high-end lingerie boutique.

Crystal: I do know that a woman never steals another woman’s husband — they go willingly.

Mary: Sounds like you have a lot of experience in that area.  You know, Stephen is a very smart man.  He’s just way too smart to take someone like you seriously.

Crystal: Mrs Haines, I know so many women like you.  You have your fancy friends and your nice houses and your calendars are full of social events and shopping dates and charity lunches to make you feel like you’re actually doing something with your lives.  But, eventually you stop paying attention to your man.  They get lonely and they come looking for someone who makes them feel appreciated again.  And believe me, they take that very very seriously.

– – – – –

Mary continues to confront the perfume spritzer girl, Crystal, in the dressing cubicle where Crystal is wearing a dark, seductive, handmade Italian lace corset bustier.

Mary: Let me give you a little bit of a tip.  Stephen wouldn’t like anything that trashy.

Crystal: Well, if Stephen doesn’t like anything I’m wearing… I take it off.

– – – – –

In the kitchen of Mary’s home, the two live-in domestic helpers gossip about the feuding couple.

Young nanny: But I think Mary started listening to him, so he keeps talking. He said he never meant for the affair to turn into anything more and he tried to end it, more than once.

Greying housekeeper: Argh. Men get themselves into things and then they don’t know how to get themselves out of it.

Young nanny: But that’s where he makes his big mistake. He says he kept seeing Crystal because he felt she had become depended on him and he didn’t want to hurt her.

Greying housekeeper: Hurt her?

Young nanny: That’s exactly what Mary said. And that’s where she makes her big mistake.  She says, “How can you not see that she’s just after your money?”

Greying housekeeper: Oh, she would.  That’s the last thing a man wants to hear, is that his wife is the only person who is stupid enough to love him for himself. God, and nobody knows how to argue.  They should run a school.

– – – – –

After the feud, Stephen drives away from their home and Mary storms into the kitchen where she blurts out a piece of her mind and heart to the nanny and housekeeper.

Mary: I mean, it’s not like I was deliriously happy every single day of this marriage, you know?  Did I screw around?  No.  I could have, by the way, I really could have.  Those men have come on to me, plenty.  Alright, once or twice.  But I thought about it.  Because, this just in, thirteen years of sex with the same man can be just a little bit boring, alright?  I mean, Stephen had his bag of tricks and I knew ‘em all, but did I complain?  Did I go out and bang the Federal Express guy?  And let me tell you something else, Stephen did not know how good he had it.  There is nobody, and I mean nobody, who will give that man a better time in bed than I did.  I could suck the nails out of a board and that is a fact.

– – – – –

Team meeting at Cachet, the women’s magazine that Sylvie has been newly-installed as editor.

Annie: I know I’m the new kid, but here is what I would do if I were in charge of Cachet.  I would tie each issue to a theme.  Brand it.  By branding each issue we brand the magazine, giving it a more unique identity on the news stand.  I would make sure that each theme had an edge, a sense of humour.  For instance, the revenge issue: how to get it, who to stick it – the fine art of holding a grudge.  We put an actress on the cover – someone young, hot.  We make the whole thing irresistible.  We become the guilty pleasure of the publishing world and that is how we turn it around.

Sylvie: Come on, Annie.  Revenge?!  It’s so retro.  It’s old think.  Don’t we have better things to do?  It’s the exact opposite of what we’re talking about.

Receptionist: But I would buy that magazine.

Sylvie: Erm, I think we should take a break – let all this percolate.  We’ll think about it after lunch.

– – – – –

At the indoor climbing facility where Sylvie is half-dangling from the ropes.

Sylvie : Can’t we take a break?

Personal trainer: What are the two most feared words in the English language?

Sylvie: Pool party.

Personal trainer: Keep climbing.

– – – – –  Bowl – – – – –


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