Sophie Winkleman (aka Lady Frederick Windsor) in Hello! magazine


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Sophie Winkleman, aka Lady Frederick Windsor. 

Who is she?  Well, she actually looked very familiar to me: a bit Julia Roberts and a lot of that British actress who played Ava Gardner in The Aviator film with Leonardo DiCaprio… I can never remember her name off the top of my head, but I know it to recognize it.

And the exclusive photos accompanying the exclusive interview in Hello! magazine were captivating too – pictures of Winkleman in her new LA home.  It really tells a type of lifestyle.  It made me think about how the Americans show a lot of interest in royalty/ princesses, especially British ones.  About how the televisual drama story of Kate and William’s relationship was broadcast only in the USA.  About how there is a significant group of Anglophiles out there, and how after the recent riots in England the rich are looking to flee across the Atlantic.  As she says, “we shouldn’t just huddle in England”.

So, who is she?

  1. daughter of Barry Winkleman a publisher of The Times Atlases and after working for HarperCollins went on to establish his own line of books, Prion Humour Classics;
  2. daughter of Cynthia Black, a top advertising copywriter who wrote children’s books;
  3. half-sister of TV presenter Claudia Winkleman;
  4. plays “Big Suze” in the TV comedy Peep Show;
  5. recently married Lord Frederick Windsor at Hampton Court Palace;
  6. and busy actress looking to establish further prospects as a screen writer.

Here follows some quotes from the interview.

 Quotes from the Hello! magazine article :

In the actress’s first interview since she married Lord Frederick Windsor

Sophie Winkleman

tells of her new life in Los Angeles, an addiction to word games and socialising in the heart of the royal family

From: Hello! magazine, 15 August 2011, no. 1187, p.6
Interview by Rosie Nixon

  1. Sophie was as awestruck by the bride as the rest of us.  “Kate looked amazing – very beautiful, composed and graceful.  Even though the occasion was wonderfully splendid, one sort of forgot about the billions of people tuning in on their TVs and you were just witnessing two people deeply in love.  It was romantic and magical, and thrilling to be part of it.”
    ~ on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton
  2. “Most of the people you must interview are very glamorous and cool, and I’m like a 90-year old hedgehog only interested in clues.  I’m so sorry.”  She diligently prints out the puzzle from the Internet each morning and nearly always completes it the same day, often with Freddie.
    ~ on her variance from the usual
  3. “Often we won’t have exchanged a single normal word the whole evening.  And then we’ll have a sleepless night about Ten Down if it isn’t completed.”
    ~ about her married life being punctuated by cryptic crosswords
  4. “We just thought it would be an amazing adventure to live somewhere else… and we thought we shouldn’t just huddle in England but be brave, do something different, so we did.”
    ~ on moving to Tinseltown almost immediately after her marriage to Lord Frederick Windsor
  5. “I’ll try to spend the whole day being workish, rather than float around idly, which I’m naturally horribly good at.”
    ~ on her daily life, outside of filming and acting
  6. “We wake up in the morning and there are dolphins leaping out of the sea and eagles munching crabs for breakfast on the beach.  That is one of our favourite discoveries over here.”
    ~ on visiting a friend’s beautiful little island off Vancouver
  7. “We went to Frogmore House in Windsor Great Park and took a picnic and the Scrabble.  He said, ‘You unfold the Scrabble,’ and there on the board, in tiles, was ‘Darling Sophie… ’  It was very romantic and lovely.”
    ~ on the marriage proposal
  8. “Wordish” and “bookish” are phrases Sophie regularly uses to describe herself.  She is well-spoken but not plummy, and has a playful, sweet way with language, regularly peppering the conversation with descriptions of things as “delicious”, “jolly” and “cosy”.  She is quick-witted and funny, so it’s not hard to see why she first gained attention as an actress starring as “Big Suze” in the cult television comedy Peep Show.
    ~ on her personal charms
  9. “I am worringly close to both of them.”
    ~ on her relationship with her parents
  10. Sophie has also acted in a number of BBC Radio 4 plays and is enthusiastic about the medium: “I love creating a world with just the voice.  And I enjoy doing lots of daft, different accents.  When I first started going out with Freddie, I’d call him at the office pretending to be someone wanting to open an account with a bank… Finally, when I called up as a Glaswegian woman asking for a sponsorship for a new pet shop, he said, ‘Shut up, Sophie,’ and I haven’t been able to fool him since.”
    ~ on her penchant for voice-acting
  11. “The contrast of the glamorous excitement at the start of the voyage to the unglamorous horror of the end was a moving and thought-provoking challenge for all of us to play.”
    ~ on her role as Dorothy Gibson in the lavish Julian Fellowes drama Titanic
  12. “I am interested in the mathematics of crafting a good screenplay, and I admire the career of Emma Thompson, who acts and writes equally brilliantly.  I’m not allowed to call myself a proper writer yet, though I have now sold a screenplay.”
    ~ on her future possibilities and influences
  13. Naturally a fast talker, the only time Sophie catches her breath and becomes cautious is when asked about members of the royal family.
    ~ on what makes her pause for thought
  14. “It was quite nerve-racking – terrifying in fact! – because I have such huge respect for her [the Queen].  She does an extraordinary job attending about four engagements per day, every single day, and I think she is wonderful, so I definitely wanted to create a good impression.”
    ~ on nerves about meeting the Queen of England
  15. “She has an extraordinary charisma.  I felt her come into the room and it was truly exciting – she could not have been more welcoming, kind and magnificent.”
    ~ on the Queen of England
  16. “He was clever, funny and delightful; he’s a wonderful man.”
    ~ on Prince William, the new Duke of Cambridgeshire 
  17. “I met Kate at Buckingham Palace last year.  She was very warm, intelligent and beautiful.”
    ~ on Katherine Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridgeshire
  18. “What comes across when you meet them is they really love each other.”
    ~ on the relationship of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire
  19. If she needed any contrast to the royal events she attends in Britain, Sophie has it in LA, where life with Freddie is relatively simple, revolving around work and the odd evening with new local friends.
    ~ on simpler living in Los Angeles
  20. “People are never able to come round for a normal, civilised evening – they have to play games.  I can be a bit of a tyrant.  I get out the quiz book or I’ll come up with an idea for a strange game they have to participate in.”
    ~ on entertaining guests at home

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