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She is the girl that write-ups would refer to as the real-life Disney princess because of her being spotted by Disney in the 22 episode TV show, Get Real, and being cast into the lead role in the studio’s film, The Princess Diaries.

Her filmography includes The Devil Wears Prada, the small-budget Rachel Getting Married which won her an Oscar nomination, and Love and Other Drugs opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, followed by One Day – an undeniable range.

She’s been extraordinarily busy breaking into and establishing herself in the acting and film industry, but has shown solidity and breath-taking acuteness of performance combined with sharpness of wit.  But in my opinion, all this has yet to truly show through.  On her own merits, she is still a very young actress in terms of development and maturity of roles and performance.

Personally, I’m sure there’s yet more to follow and she only turns twenty-nine at the end of this year…

Quotes from the One Day special’ article entitled:

One Hell of A Girl

She’s had huge success in Hollywood and  Broadway, but playing an uptight Yorkshire lass is the role that really has Anne Hathaway quaking in her Choos.

Words by Harvey Marcus
From Marie Claire UK magazine,
September 2011, no. 277, p. 163

  1. It’s a film [“One Day” directed by Lone Scherfig] she fought for; her casting was far from a forgone conclusion.  On being handed the script, her manager warned her that [the director] was looking at British actresses.  ‘He said, “Don’t fall in love with it because she’s not even sure if she’s going to meet you’,” Hathaway reveals.  ‘Of course, I fell in love with the story and with Emma.’
    — on fighting for the lead female role in the film One Day
  2. Not only does she give an engaging performance, but One Day the film is rich enough to more than satisfy those who hold the book dear…
    — on Hathaway’s film performance
  3. Hathaway is careful not to give away too much about how One Day ends, but will say, ‘ I literally thought I’d misread it, I felt as if I’d been punched in the stomach.  I was crying and I was gulping for air.  Very few movies are honest about love.’
    — on the love story twist
  4. The Devil Wears Prada might have upped her profile several notches, but you sense audiences got more out of the movie than she did.
    — on Hathaway’s career
  5. ‘It’s funny,’ she explains, ‘ because I’m mainly known for romantic comedies, but I’ve never actually made one.’
    — on people and studio perception of her
  6. ‘I think I used to be better at speaking than listening and missed a lot of wisdom that was coming my way as a result.  I was so afraid that if I didn’t say things loud then they wouldn’t get heard at all.’
    — on growing up surrounded by veteran film makers
  7. You get the impression Hathaway has always struggled to make sense of her talents and self-worth, and to convince others – sometimes with justification, sometimes without – to look beyond the obvious and fall in line with her own far-reaching expectations.  A born entertainer, she’s all too aware those eyes and teeth (straight out of a crate marked ‘Property of Broadway’) can simultaneously dazzle and blind people to the reality of someone who is an infinitely more complex and cerebral character than you probably imagine.
    — on her self-image versus stereotypes
  8. She’s always been a high achiever. 
    — on motivation
  9. … One Day’s Dexter – the film’s magnetic antihero, played by Jim Sturgess… both enchants and revolts in equal measure.
    — on the male lead character
  10. Of Dexter she says: ‘The part about him I really related to, and that I’ve experienced, is when you love someone and you see who they’re going to be, but you know that they’re not quite there yet, so you decide to love them on their journey.  Sometimes you have to say, “OK, this is not the choice I would make for you, and the choice you’re making for yourself actually hurts me and my belief in you, but I do believe in you, and I do love you, so I’m going to hang in there for you.”’
    — on comparing the One Day’s love story with her own experiences (in particular, her relationship tribulations with Italian property developer Raffaello Follieri)
  11. Hathaway falls quiet for a micro moment, and a micro moment of quiet is a long time in Hathaway terms.
    — on Hathaway’s fluency of sound
  12. ‘That was how I got through my pain.  I wrote funny songs about it.  That’s always been the way I deal with things.  You make a joke of it… It’s not that the pain goes away, but it does allow you to doggy paddle until you’re ready to deal with the pain head-on.  And that can take some time… You have responsibilities… I had to keep going.’
    — on her break-up with Follieri and how she dealt with it
  13. … in a perverse way, the whole shocking episode – and the human, unaffected manner with which she dealt with it – won her a legion of new fans and changed people’s attitude towards her.
    — on other people from the outside looking in on her pain
  14. ‘People deal with horrible things all the time… You’re right.  Life is really fucked up and it’s really painful sometimes.  I think it’s unusual to see someone in a position of prominence go through something like that, but it’s not really unusual in life.’
    — on comparing her infamous break-up pain to most people’s real lives
  15. I wonder if she’s always been so demanding of herself?  ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ she repeats, to leave you in no doubt… In previous interviews the actress has alluded to her teenage years being plagued by depression.
    — on being a high achiever
  16. ‘Obviously I think of myself as multiple people!  Please, I’m not like these celebrities who refer to themselves in the third person.  I refer to myself in the tenth!’
    — on being on the go, seeking work and being so demanding of herself

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