Cosmopolitan UK unearths some men’s thoughts on other guys flirting with their girlfriends

Maneki Neko

Flower..:::…::: Some Introductory Words

OK, it’s been established that flirting is healthy for you and adds more than a smile to your day.  However, that is in isolation.  What if you’re all coupled up, what is the attitude towards flirting then?  It becomes a murky minefield full of doubts, paranoia and jealousy.  Just scratching the surface of what occurs inside of you when others flirt with your boyf or girlf shows a storm in a teacup.

So, in this month’s Cosmo their Undercover Man went to Gateshead and met up with four guys who used to be at school together and even into their late 20s and early 30s, they’re still  a tight bunch.

Their names have been changed, but the four guys are:

  1. Andy – single, furniture designer;
  2. Pete – long-term relationship, runs own business;
  3. Stef – married, designs computer software; and
  4. Chris – single, printer.

Quotes from the Cosmo article:

What goes through men’s minds

…when other guys chat you up

You think a bit of a cheeky flirt’s OK, but does your other half agree?

Cosmo’s Undercover Man is by Andrew Hankinson
Source: Cosmopolitan UK magazine, September 2011, p.73

  1. “I think I would be aggressive.  There’s the bit of you that says, ‘Nice one’. And the animal part that says, ‘F**k off’… Before we got married, my wife and I had our arguments about it.  She doesn’t see the difference between friends, friends of friends and random drunk people.  She just thinks someone has come over to talk to her, so she’ll talk back.  To be fair, it was more my jealousy than her doing anything wrong.”
    – – – Stef  on what he does if he saw another man chatting up his girlfriend – – –
  2. “We’ve got a friend who found out his girlfriend cheated on him on holiday, and jealousy destroyed him.  He even installed a programme on her computer to monitor her keystrokes.”
    – – – Andy on letting jealousy really get to you – – –
  3. “That’s the opposite problem.  If nobody eyes her up, it’s not good.”
    – – – Stef on how he’d feel if nobody paid his girlfriend any attention – – –
  4. “It wouldn’t matter to me at all. I’ve never thought, ‘Nobody looked at my girlfriend today, I’d better finish it.”
    – – – Andy on how he’d feel if nobody paid his girlfriend any attention – – –
  5. “I flirt with women in a jovial, not a sexual way.”
    – – – Pete on why his flirting is harmless – – –
  6. “Flirting for me is specifically ruffling your tail feathers to look like a potential mate.”
    – – – Andy on what flirting means to him
  7. “It can be fun.”
    – – – Chris on his attitude to flirting – – –
  8. Pete: “So, hang on, you’re unresponsive to every girl you meet if she flirts and you don’t want her?”
    Andy: “Yes.”
    Pete: “That’s terrible… ”
    Pete discovers Andy’s flirting mentality – – –
  9. “All our girlfriends are hot.  If they weren’t with our friends then we all probably would.  So I think all our girlfriends are ‘I woulds’.”
    – – – Andy on friends fancying his girlfriend – – –
  10. “You don’t buy a nice car for you particularly – you want to show it off!”
    Pete on selecting a girlfriend – – –

– x – Light bulb – x –


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