Me getting inspired by

Every day we provide a new prompt (like a question, or a challenge), and everyone gets a chance to answer.

Well, here goes me, using the questions prompted by ^_^

1.  If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

  • A chair, because I always find it difficult to find a seat
    – Yours, practically
  • A dorsal fin, because then I can get the best of both worlds: the air and the sea
    — Yours, obscurely
  • The Hubble telescope, because then I would have the best eye-sight in the world
    — Yours, technically

2.  List five things you love about your culture.

  • British – importance of quality of food ingredients, not just freshness
  • Chinese – instilling of social order (a rather complex and confusing matter)
  • British – domesticity and privacy of the family home and space
  • Chinese – manipulation of development and progress to gain and enhance for the betterment of many
  • British – independence of mind and application of self

3.  If you could go back in time and relieve one day of your life, which would you choose?

  • Maybe a time in babyhood, because those times really are lost forever.  It would be just to re-experience and meet my family from a perspective I didn’t stand a chance of remembering.

4.  Invent a new onomatopoeia for one of your favourite sounds.

  • I won’t bother… because at the moment I have a favourite onomatopoeia, but come to think of it, it isn’t a sound at all.  Instead, it is a visual description using feeling.  The word is: bling-bling, which is used to describe real dazzlers of a gem-stone – actually, they’re really well-cut crystals which are able to catch and reflect the light really well.  I would use it like this:
    • This is a bling of a ring.
    • I’m having a bit of a bling fest in this shop.
    • Today’s bling culture has brought about all sorts of cartoonish glam accessories.
  • I also like ker-ching, which is the sound of dollars entering the cash till.
  • Another fave onomatopoeia is ding-ding!  The noise of a higher-pitched bell.
  • Woosh!  I like too, which is the sound of something fast and aerodynamic cutting through the air.
  • Splish-splash-splosh
  • Squiggly and higgledy-piggledy are more visually descriptive rather than onomatopoeias.

5.  How would your life be different if you had grown up without any siblings?

  • I’d have learnt to have more shallow friendships and associates – better/worse?  For me, worse.
  • I’d have been more introverted – better/worse?  For me, worse, because then being second-generation immigrant would be that much tougher and even impossible.
  • I would have lost perspective of others and other points-of-views i.e. my horizons would definitely be narrower.
  • I would have followed a straighter path in life i.e. I wouldn’t have taken the lengthier (and in this case, more scenic) journey that I have done and although very tiring over the long-term, it has also been very enjoyable in the present moments.
  • My parents’ fuller attention and intentions would have weighed me down, otherwise they would have needed to have many more interests outside of the home – which is not something I would have found to be a fantastic situation.
  • I would have been less brave and had less courage in being independent, because siblings can be scary too, so I got used to it.
  • I wouldn’t have been as healthy, because having diversity at home means a struggle (and hopefully greater chances) for better and greater living overall.
  • Some say younger siblings become neglected and older siblings mature too soon, but that can be adjusted by successful parenting if need be and is not really a direct effect of having multiple siblings.
  • I wouldn’t have been able to understand possibilities, because sibling diversity brings possibilities of living and life that much closer to home.

6.  Describe your ideal Saturday night.

  • Currently it is to be curled up under my duvet connecting with a good read or being online, with a mug of hot drink or a glass of wheatgrass on my bedside table.

7.  What’s your favourite month?  Why?

  • May through to July – I call it the Summer month.
  • Or do I prefer the Spring month?  I can’t decide.

8.  Who do you consider to be your role model?

  • Maybe a baguette or a honey oat loaf.
  • I think I’m the type to discover role models later in life, and I never take a whole person, but aspects and qualities from a variety of areas.

9.  You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies.  Tells us our fortunes.

  • Tomorrow is going to be a bad day, take charge and pave the way to a better tomorrow.
  • Today is a dull day, be the one with the sugar bowl, bows, ribbons and balloons.
  • The winter evenings grow menacingly dark far too quickly, do everyone a favour and bring the candles.
  • You are surrounded by misery, don’t fight it.  Join misery and wallow in the depths of despair.
  • Joy and luck has hit you, stand in the rain of good fortune and enjoy what you can, while you can.
  • Celebrate yourself and those around you, but be quick, because others are right behind you waiting for the same spot.
  • Make yourself a pot of tea and share the brew with the crew.
  • Take a biscuit and break it in two, then share the calories with only you know who.



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