Annabel Rivkin writes about Pippa Middleton

Following my introduction, are some quotes from an article covering Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Katherine Middleton the new Duchess of Cambridgeshire of England.


ConsiderationI would view the following perspectives and analysis in the Tatler article as points of aspiration for many girls – not cloning, not copy-catting, but goals and objectives from which to pick and choose direction and achievements.  They are certainly significant achievements and require a ton of energy, focus, organization, social ability and knowledge of self.

Knowledge of self includes all sorts of things, but in brief it would include knowing how to look after yourself in terms of mind and body.  Successful results show through in formation of character, which then allows for strength of self-awareness and later, resilience of character.  That is, for your character to flourish and develop into a personal self i.e. a personality that is greatly more unique to you, you will need to live your life and apply your characteristics, meaning your qualities will be tested to their limit over time. 

Only then, do you experience your true essence, and the enhancement of your spirit.

As a person develops and grows in this way, your needs also alter and thus your desires too.  You’ll start to detect an affect upon you by what surrounds you and what is within you – part of this influence has come to be labelled as vibrational energy i.e. is there a match, mis-match, contradiction, juxtaposition or clash between you and the energy you come into contact with?  With consideration we often become more sensitive to these fluxes in vibrations, rather than less. 

Perhaps initially we start to sense high and low concentrations of energies, followed by type and quality. 

Sometimes during growth we experience periods of disconnection within ourselves and with other people, but with effort this passes and you’ll be more able to connect with yourself on a greater and deeper level.

Hence the need to live life with effort and with aspirations.  But the most confusing matter is:  towards what do we direct our energies and what is considered preferentially aspirational? 

What follows are some possibilities for the still youthful…


It is a truth universally acknowledged that, post-Diana, we need to respect the Duchess of Cambridge’s personal space. But it appears to be open season on her sister – will she blossom or buckle under the pressure?  Annabel Rivkin on the Pippa phenomenon

Tatler, August 2011 (Vol. 306. No.8), p.68

1.  “Not only did that white McQueen dress express filial solidarity, it laid down a marker.”
— on being bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding

2.  “Certainly Pippa is not to be underestimated.”
— on press stories versus reality

3.  “While Pippa may not be racy [compared to Lee Radziwill, the younger sister of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis], she is, right now, at her most marketable as the little sister of England’s future queen.  She has much of the status and none of the duties.  But it is worth remembering that she also has none of the protection and is fielding a deference-free, properly intrusive paparazzi situation with no state-funded security.”
on relativity to royal status

4.  “Pippa seems almost to have become the whole point of the most recent royal wedding… But while Kate and William bounce off to Wales… Pippa – who has gone global, with interest ranging from CNN to the cover of People magazine – could be the one with the really colourful future.”
on spring boarding into global consciousness

5.  “Pippa was always a star.  She was a star at Marlborough, a star at Edinburgh and firmly embedded in a group of the smartest, most well-bred and impressively connected young things long before Kate and William got it together… Pippa was the little sister… perfectly willing and able to control her own future.”
— on personal merits

6.  “’This is a family [the Middletons] glued together by positivity and mutual support.  ‘Carole’s [the mother] attitude is very much that nothing is too good for her girls,’ says a friend of the family.  That approach has paid off and Kate and Pippa seem to possess healthy self-esteem without a hint of arrogance.”
— on the family’s approach to raising daughters into young women

7.  “Pippa was alpha in a way that her elder sister never was.  She was certainly never bullied, fitted easily in at her house, Elmhurst, and possessed a ferocious athleticism that saw her play tennis for the school, captain the hockey team and even prompted talk of her playing hockey for England.”
— on personal charms

8.  “Despite her being two years younger, she rather eclipsed the serene, late-blossoming Kate, but the girls were never competitive – with each other at least.”
— on the Middleton’s sisterhood

9.  “Pippa’s rather astounding tan is no new affection.  Nowadays Pippa is not above hopping on a Ryanair flight to catch some rays.  Kate has allowed herself to fade to English rose but Pippa is never anything less than deeply bronzed.”
— on personal aesthetics

10.  “She went to Edinburgh University and was well in with the ‘Castle Crew’ (a group of boys whose parents tended to own a stately or two)… ”
— on preferred social circles

11.  “If the crew weren’t darting off to shoot on someone’s family estate, then they were skiing at someone’s family chalet, fishing on someone’s family river or scampering down to London and finding a base in someone’s family flat… It was a smart way of life but, oddly, a cheap one for the participants.”
— on way of living while growing up

12.  “Boys like game girls who don’t make a fuss and Pippa was, despite her status as alpha female, always a great sport.”
— on level of sociability

13.  “Pippa’s boyfriend at Edinburgh was Jonathan ‘JJ’ Jardine-Matheson, heir to the Hong Kong banking fortune.”
— on preferential personal relationships

14.  “She is acknowledged to be sporty and sporting, irreproachable… yet approachable, smiley and un-tricky, lively without being wild – she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t take drugs and can’t drink much because she gets such acute booze rash that even the tan can’t hide it – but the quality that lies at the very kernel of her character?  Self-discipline.”
— on her qualities of character

15.  “The commitment to slenderness is no new, limelight-induced obsession.  Naturally slim, even at school she was strict with herself, always aware of what was coming in in the form of calories and what was being burnt off in terms of energy.”
— on commitment to self

16.  “Was she was or wasn’t she wearing knickers, wondered the world.  Oh, of course she was, but properly thin people don’t get VPL.  There is simply no flesh to bulge.”
— on the Royal Wedding photograph of the bridesmaid’s shapely bottom

17.  “Kate and Pippa share a new kind of sartorial style: a curious Sloane/ WAG hybrid.  It involves incredibly un-daring, un-trend-led, unthreatening clothes teamed with glossy hair, liberal use of black eyeliner and, in Pippa’s case at least, a chestnut tan.  Of course it wouldn’t work at all if she wasn’t reed-like – it would just look frumpy – but she is being hailed as, if not a style icon, then a ‘this is what boys like’ icon, which is altogether more useful.”
— on iconic status

18.  “The Middletons dress like girls you marry and Pippa appears to have uniquely little interest, for a 27-year old, in anything cool.  She sticks to Issa and Zara and shows no discernible appetite whatsoever for hanging out with Rihanna or for nosing around the trashier end of the celebrity spectrum as Tara Palmer-Tomkinson did.”
— on their appeal and attraction factor

19.  “The salient question remains: now that she has the world at her feet, how ambitious is Pippa Middleton?  Does she want a young Kennedy or a future duke or an oligarch, or will she settle for a nice, cosy Sloane like her current boyfriend of almost a year, Alex Loudon, sometimes known as A-Lo, who is said to be carrying a ring around in his pocket?”
— on future ambitions

20.  “But it is possible that Pippa’s role as Kate’s lady-in-waiting (expected but not yet confirmed at the time of going to press) may take up too much time for a real career to be viable.”
— on the eventual dilemma of any high-achieving young lady



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