Extracts from “Screw Calm and Get Angry”


Woman In Rollers

I am currently in-between employment, but instead am voluntarily employing myself to recuperate from my life’s races.  I was in a bookstore only 4 hours ago and had requested for a CD of yoga music to be played so I could sample it before making a purchasing decision and it brought me out in cold sweat down my back and neck.  God, was I uncomfortable?  Yes.  You see, I had been working out, going to the gym (including yogic manoeuvres) while listening to certain types of music, meditative included… so the CD just brought back memories of my days of working hard, playing hard, socialising tougher and studying like crazy… little did I know at that time how focused I had to be and in due course had become.  In effect I had to shoot like an arrow to make it though.  All the people I met I had to work with to take us all further – to acknowledge how tough it all was, I now physically and mentally feel ill at the memories and could not do it all over again.  imageI could never tolerate re-taking anything because I seriously had pulled together and summoned it all to be through in one accurate shot.  There are others who also need to use the opportunities and space (or resources) I had once used.  Have you ever been the one who could never get the promotion because there’s only one spot?  I’m the one who moves aside to allow others through – why?  Because comparatively I don’t truly need it, but it would be wrong to deprive me of such chances and opportunities to go further.  So I’m swift.  In the short to medium term people around me may not realise I’d been deprived of chances, but over the long-term they would know something is missing.  I’m just one of those.  I need to get ahead to be of use.  I can’t be one of a million, I must be one in a million – that’s my worth.  That’s where my lineage comes from.  It’s a truly tough ride… but it’s not even a ride… it’s frikkin race of marathonic proportions.  Yes, an epic to be sure.


Now I’m downward spiralling to allow my body and mind to heal, recuperate, mend and grow, thus any memory recalls of those work/study/body workout/ socialising decades (yes, decades) brings stress hormones flooding back in droves.  Again, little did I know I was under stress.  Actually, my body, mind and soul just adapted to the spiralling stress over time, just a little every day which accumulated over time as I rose to various and growing challenges in my working, professional, training, studious and personal lives.  Yes, later on I had to make many cut-backs.  Today I’ve cut loose to recover.  It’s taken over a year to get to where I am: to reduce the production of stress hormones, to cut myself some slack and to move slower… etc. etc. etc.  This is a good and bad state.  The bad is that re-visiting my previous places of work and development puts me in cold sweat as well as makes me feel larger than life… it truly isn’t so good, so I don’t do it – simple, right?  So I’ve learnt to fold myself, adapt and blend in – really not a terrible thing.  The good?  I hopefully can learn new ways to live, be and enjoy… that really is much tougher than anticipated.  I, of course, also still  need to continue to work… –_<

Scuba Diving

Anyways, “Stay Calm and Carry On” was always what I did, unbeknown to me.  I had to always summon massive amounts of personal courage from within, that’s why I’m so wasted (i.e. spent, used up, consumed).  I had to achieve, go places and apply myself >90% of the time alone and by myself.  So sad?  Looking back, yes and no.  But as is the way of life, that’s just what I had to do.  Oh well.  No going back.  I was the one on the dive board who had just one direction to go – into the ocean of life.  Sounds so romantic?  It’s not a brilliant thing to have to do, but oh so necessary.

Now, I’m re-grouping myself and gonna have to face other and further challenges.  Oh, the joys of turning into a mature young woman…


I really have to live in another way else I’m just gonna die off.  Truth.  Not even just *learn* to do so, but just do it.  I just have to do it, as I had no choice before I have no choice now.  That is the only way that is lighted, but it’s still vague.

Anyways, what has been rushing through my mind lately?  The right to get angry.  Who has the right to get angry and who hasn’t?  And why?  Hey, that’s for you to mature into and learn about for yourself.

So here are some personal quick picks from “Screw Calm and Get Angry”.

Extracts from:

Screw Calm and Get Angry
resigned advice for hard times

ISBN: 978-0-7407-9952-5
Andrews McMeel Publishing
printed in China

“The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it is unfamiliar territory.” – Paul Fix


“Structure your mind.”

Learn to use thought structures so you can place your thinking around certain frameworks or along certain lines in order to efficiently file away and archive so you can more readily retrieve thoughts.

“A good rule of thumb is if you’ve made it to thirty-five and your job still requires you to wear a name tag, you’ve made a serious vocational error.” – Dennis Miller


“Can you match up to the company logo?”

In the 21st century world of international cities, global conglomerates and big chain store businesses, a name tag is no shameful matter.  The shame would be in the company perceiving your name not good enough to wear next to the company logo on your name tag or attire.  That really is shame.  Some company logos are so switched-on it’s a joy and pride to be able to match up to it.  So bear in mind, the out-dating of some quotes and the pollution of personal integrity and weaker minds.

Can *you* match up to these?

company logos

picture source: DoobyBrain.com/ 
“Doobybrain.com is a website about music, fashion,
art, and pop culture written by Herman Yung.”

“The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any.”  — Katherine Whitehorn


“Understand categories and functions of money.”

Don’t really *not* have money.  It’s now about income and expenditure.  How do the two line up, if they ever do?  Finding ways to adjust or re-adjust the two categories of money and their relationships sounds complicated, but contains more fuel for learning, discovery and results than studying money alone.

“If you owe the bank $100 that is your problem.  If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.” – J. Paul Getty


“When you owe,
it’s impact is greater than you know.”

Well, nowadays, there is a Banking Code, banking standards and regulations… so, thank you God we are in safer territory here.  Only bank with names you know will honour the trust you put into them – names with integrity.  However, do make it a personal responsibility to understand and appreciate the banking industry and services you use. 

More to the point is: OK, you’re the one that owes millions of dollars… but, you just go bankrupt because you’ve spent the money, right?  It’s the people who hold accounts and actually have money in the bank that need to worry.  Their money was lent out and has yet to be returned.  If you owe the bank $100 million it’s the other bank account holders who have a problem i.e. the bank used their money to loan out to you.  There is risk as an account holder, but that is for you to learn more about.

A conclusive point?  As always, the quality of your neighbours will always impact upon you.  It’s not so much yourself you need to be concerned about, but more who else uses what you also use.

A further conclusion: if the bank failed to spot someone who could lose $100 million then what hope is there for others that follow?

“When I asked my accountant if anything could get me out of this mess I am in now, he thought for a long time and said, ‘Yes, death would help’.” – Robert Morley



“Financial rebooting requires a professional bankruptcy practitioner.”

Death in finance is also known as bankruptcy.  Serious.

End your debts and reap your credits; sell your assets and sow your liabilities.

“Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents… pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.” – Abraham Lincoln


“Life is valuable, who are you to judge it?”

A hypocrite is someone who has few, low, or even no criticisms of himself or herself but many of others, and although he may seek the failure in others he denies it of himself.
Therefore, what is this quote referring to?  I’m going to attempt  an analysis:
1.  He didn’t offer his parents mercy, yet seeks it for himself;
2. He murdered his parents, yet they allowed him to live;
3. He explains his putridly evil behaviour on being without parents, yet never forgave his parents for being without parental guidance themselves.

Yes, a true blunder of human qualities. 
A remarkable error.

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy, that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” – J.K. Galbraith


“As everything improves, so must the nature and reasons for selfishness.”

How to truly be selfish is one of the last things humans will learn to do properly, because the only people who can teach it, don’t teach at all.

At first a child must learn his context in the world and gauge the level of generosity and selfishness that is appropriate i.e. we cannot all give at the same time (then who is receiving?), just as we cannot not all receive at the same time (then who is giving?).  Those of us who have managed to survive were at first generous because it was within us, it was our nature combined with intelligence of what the future should be.  But don’t underestimate how much of a skill it is to consider and to be considerate of others and to have correct assessment of appropriate generosity and selfishness. 

It took a long time for those of us who are generous to learn that exerting our energy, time and effort for others can cause us to lose out – how would we have known that?  Who would have told us?  Selfish people? 

Generosity gives rise to the betterment of others and the detriment of ourselves.  So how do we end this unknowing cycle of death?  Selfishness.  But even that takes energy, time and effort… unless you are innately selfish.

The complication is this: I find it easy to give things when I have excess, but I have been told this is not the same for everyone.  Thus, I must learn to be selfish.  But I enjoy sharing, especially joy.  I rarely enjoy sharing grief.

So I must make the effort for my own sake to have either not enough to share, or to share intelligently.  I currently hurt poorly from having given, so my heart is engaged in the self-protection mode and I find it difficult to give.  Thank you God.  However, the problem is by being ahead and slowing down, there are chances for other people, whose paths I cross, to become inquisitive and interested, sometimes even trying to invade a person’s space in so many ways.  Fortunately, centuries of knowledge and work has meant this is now to a minimum for some people.  Let the others rot in wasteful disturbances and intrusions of time, energy and effort.

It takes a lot for me to be selfish and receive because would you believe even setting yourself up to receive is tough: I have standards and not everyone gives accordingly… what do I do then?  Refuse?  A give is a give is a give, right?  Wrong.  But then I must teach them, which is a form of giving, on how to offer correctly.  So I yet again give

For me to be selfish I need all sorts of things which I must then create, or at least take part in creating… oh dear.  That’s a problem.  Because my energy, effort and time can then be easily stolen for the benefit of others and very little for me.  So, yes, I’m the one who needs a moral high ground for selfishness so I can depart from the lesser beings of this world.  We’ll always allow them to exist so we might re-learn and remember the ills of the world, else we’d stop reaping and forget to be necessarily selfish.  We’d forget how necessary it is to be selfish—a bad thing for us individually.

The problem is how to stem excessive and wasted generosity i.e. how to be selfish.  Some people only give when it lazily suits them, which is selfish, insincere and dishonest. 

But it’s so silly because there is only so much a person needs, so what is the use of receiving from so many different avenues?  You can’t use it all, unless you give it away, but then why hasn’t anyone else got any?  Did they not go and get?  The energy exerted in ploughing the field cannot be recuperated if you don’t reap the harvest.  But you can’t eat it all, so you give some away before it goes rotten.  So, perhaps you shouldn’t have grown so much… but it was just in case.  Maybe let the food rot instead of giving it away?  That would depend, right?  But why live in a world with neighbours whom you’d rather leave to starve than help?

Instead we chose to invest in the future, but there are no guarantees that any of us will ever reap.  How is that ever right?  It is far too wrong, foolish and stupid of us to allow such a poor and diminishing turn of events.

But those who are generous by intelligence, heart and soul must understand we need to learn selfishness… but to do this we must first understand it, just like any other form of learning.  Can the selfish explain selfishness?  Come on, they’re far too busy being selfish to teach what they already know and benefits them.  It is also those who live in a small and young world who don’t understand the damage a generous being can exert upon oneself, unknowingly and without sufficient help to recover.  After all, everyone else is far too busy being selfish.

Thus, how to truly be selfish is one of the last things humans will learn to do properly, because the only people who can teach it don’t teach at all.

Also, remember the story of the goose who laid golden eggs?  A generous person must be wary of being exploited and abused just like the goose.  The goose was endlessly treated well so it might endlessly spend itself laying golden eggs.  Thus, be wary of those who are too nice because it is also a form of selfishness and laziness.  True, tough love is far too difficult to be achieved by a selfish person.  Damaging and diminishing love is the one that is experienced through a selfish person.

The world is so big nowadays we can barely tell when our work is complete.  Thus, a real and true need to comprehend when and how to be selfish i.e. when does our work stop?


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