My Beauty Diary’s “Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask”

My Beauty Diary’s
“Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask”
我的美丽日记: 白金珍珠拉提美型面膜

Their slogan is “for those who want to be bit more beautiful every day”.

My Beauty Diary Firming Whitening mask set-2

picture source:

My Beauty Diary's "Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask"--in use My Beauty Diary's "Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask"--instructions

Anyways, what is so special about this paper facial mask from My Beauty Diary? Yes, the business is really called that and their website is i.e. it’s from Taiwan.  Well, as you might be able to work out from the photo, there are ear holes to put my ears through and there is also an extension under the chin that wraps up my bottom jaw line and hooks up around my ears again.  So my ears get double dose of the serum and my chin and jaw also get a piece of the action.  Great, just what my ears and jaw need – they are, after all, a part of my face. Also the primary ingredients are platinum (moisture-locking) and pearl (skin-brightening).  Enough of me and my pleb comments, what are the scientific facts behind all of this?

Source #1 :
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Close-fitting face mask contains 28 ml of serum, steeping skin in much-needed moisture for a softer and smoother feel. With a unique stretch lift design to ensure a perfect fit, it also provides ear hooks and chin coverage, ensuring a thorough pampering experience. White pearl essence moisturizes and softens skin, while platinum helps skin retain moisture for improved suppleness and elasticity.

webpage: my_beauty_diary_platinum_pearl

Source #2 : started our online contact lens store business since year 2005; we started with selling Korea color circle lens and slowly develop our product range to various types of brands such as GnG, Dueba, Hana SPC, Seeshell , Geo Medical and etc. But today, we are one of the leading online seller that specialist on eye make over, we provide an One Stop Eye Beauty Platform to public which include color circle lens, false eye leashes, eye liner, eye shadow and many more… 

***Consist of DIXAS Complex which helps the essence better penetrate into skin. Superior quality mask sheet, elastic and soft which aids the distribution of essence, comfortable masking process, perfect for all face shapes.


Source #3 : – which is now only a cached page

i ) Contains skin-brightening pearl extracts and moisture-locking platinum property, deliver the skin-care power of these two marine and mineral element. Clarify and brighten skin with natural fruit ingredients such as lemon, orange, and kiwi, which can first remove layer of dead cells to allow better absorption of pearl and platinum serum later. Makes your skin reveal radiance and whiteness.

ii ) Special designed sheet can quickly and completely distribute nutrients to your skin. The 360 degree stretchlift design also can tighten your cheeks and make it look slimmer.

iii ) Suitable for all skin type, especially great for skin that appears fine line and lack of radiance.



Definitely would use again, but as yet it is not one of my favourite masks.  Maybe I’m not quite ready for it yet.


MY VERDICT : I actually recognize my reflection in the mirror now — it’s much closer to who I am.  My face really is firmer (not so swollen, bloated and enlarged) and the complexion is more even, as well as cool and smooth to the touch.  And that is after just one session!  I did use all of it though.  I probably left it on for about 45 minutes, until all the essence had been absorbed into my skin.  Then I took the paper mask and rubbed and squeezed what was left onto my hands and arms… I treasure these beauty gifts from the world of scientific research and development.

The quantity of essence appears to be a lot less than in the Arbutin Whitening masks and Collagen Firming masks.  Although neither of those two use the 360 stretch masks.

I’m still used to feeling a lot of essence on the paper facial treatment mask, because it makes me feel as if I’m adding moisture.  OK, probably all psychological.  Scientifically, it’s about how much it can penetrate and be absorbed correctly by your skin… but I also like the experience of slathering and dripping moisture onto my skin.  Hmm…

So anyways, the experience is less, but the results and quality is more.  Hope that makes sense.


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