My personal emoticons created by me for me (using online software)

What a poor choice

“Are you ill? What a poor choice.”

Sick and Poorly

“I have an illness.”

Party Pooper
What’s it take to get it done?”

Hurt and Angry

“I am hurt and angry.”



OK, often a person doesn’t like to share personal artefacts. Indeed, I would agree. This is the weirdness of a blog. Why even bother having one?

Also, the nature of tap-tap-tapping into a faceless, baseless and shameless computer interface and seeing the animated Window’s icon “publishing” your writing online into the virtual world of cyberspace still doesn’t cut the mustard for emphasizing and knocking into you the extent and consequences of publishing yourself online. Weird, huh?

Not that this stuff is deeply personal, but I personally and generally have a deep sense of and need for personal space and privacy. I enjoy sharing, but primarily for joyous reasons and out of generosity of spirit i.e. I have, over time, vanquished my ranting self into the outer reaches of my life, but have recently managed to unearth it for sanity of mind, body and soul.

Ranting takes up energy I’d rather use for other things… I tend to only rant when the time is right for me and not for when other people call for it.

However, I also carry strange feelings regarding matters pertaining to people with ill intent. I am a believer in vibrations and energy because sometimes they just seep through – both the positive and negative kinds.

So, anyways, my main point is I created these emoticons using online software. Therefore, of course, I can’t claim to have fully created them but I pieced them together, so for my efforts and brain-racking maybe I can claim 30% of the final result Flirt male !

(***later that day: I’ve decided I *did* put a lot of thought into the composition of each emoticon…
*phewie* Am I pooped?  Yes I am! 
So I’m gonna stake a claim of half-half…
–_< !)

Queen Bee with a sting

“Queen Bee is carrying a sting.”

Queen Bee is annoyed

“Queen Bee is annoyed.”

Rate it: Like it

“I’m liking it!”

Rate it: love it!

“I’m loving it!”


“I’m not liking it – it’s a bad thing.”

Que Passe?

“Yikes, what the heck
happened here?”


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