Word definitions from the Urban Dictionary: some Cs and some Bs

Ha, with modern ways comes modern predicaments together with modern thoughts and modern sayings…

Although I had a bit of a laugh and giggle reading these definitions of new urban words in the Urban Dictionary, it was a bit Schadenfreude (i.e. darkly sarcastic joy derived from the misfortune of others), which then left me feeling a bit tragic about the types of predicaments in which we find ourselves that become prominent and significant enough (read stressful) in our lives that require these types of thoughts, actions, feelings and what-not being labelled up by the urban lexicographer (is it?). 

But having said that, the plus side is that it makes us sleeker in our choices  Thinking smile .

What follows are definitions of new words required by today’s people living in the urban jungle…  Punk  … well, a few of the Bs and Cs anyway.



WARNING : 18+ (mild) mature content in some of the definitions.

[ quoted: UrbanDictionary.com ]

CC Attack


The passive aggressive practice of sending an e-mail showing the target recipient (usually of lower status in the hierarchy) how foolish they are and then using the cc line to include as many people as possible (who have previously not been involved in the e-mail conversation) to further the humiliation as widely as possible. Commonly used in the business world.

=A Microsoft Outlook CC Attack=
From: Your Boss
To: Joe Loser
Cc: Vice President, Coffee Club Distribution List, Your Co-Workers
Subject: Heck of a Job

Hey Joe,
Just wanted to let you know that you did a heck of a job ordering supplies. Now we are without paperclips *and* paper. Let’s set up a meeting to discuss priorities.


CCBeast is a striking marvellous person of all amazingness. She is incredible in every aspect and deserves the earth she walks on to be cherished for generations to come!

  • The one and only Beast!


A Fantastical child (usually boy), there is one in every town. Name usually beings with C too. Cboys are worshipped throughout the land and help others achieve goals that they find easy.

  • Average boy: gosh, charlie over there i so damn cool.
  • Girl: yer, hes so hot too.
  • Boy: he must be some sort of cboy or sumin.
  • Girl: yeah, i wish i was lucky enough to go out with a cboy.
  • Boy: hes waaay out of your league. cboys only get the cream-de-la-cream of girls.


Sarcastic smile

 A school of thought of the early 21st century. Its founder Christopher Burgess developed his theories through intense observation of his environment. Followers believe in a world free of ignorance and stupidity. Sarcasm is highly valued and often reaches levels at which most people cannot comprehend. The doctrines and beliefs are unrecorded and often change. However most of what is believed is made known upon entering into the life of a Cburgenist.

  • Jennifer is a follower of Cburgenism.

Pronounced :


Only the coolest person you will ever meet. Ever.
This name is for the kind of person who just blows your mind in awesome-ness.

  • Man, that girl over there is a CBurger. She’s just so awesome.


Cock Block Xtraordinaire – to interfere with someone who is getting acquainted with, conversing with, or hooking up with a member of the opposite sex. A cbx will come along and swindle his way into a conversation or interaction and disregard his friend that is trying to score with the opposite sex. aka a cock block xpert.

  • Man, why the heck did David bust out his CBX license on me last night.. she was so wasted I was about to score!


CBY- originally meant “cry by yourself” it is an antonym of LOL with a touch of Schadenfreude.

  • Life is either LOL or CBY.

cc in the tree

Disappointed smile

Large non friendly person that is positioned in a strategic location above ground level.

  • Get down there’s a cc in the tree!

cc orgasm

Be right back

Any email, typically business-oriented, that contains a plethora of useful and usually hidden email addresses that could be potentially beneficial for the receiver.

  • Did you get the email from that development girl at Disney?
  • Yeah, did you see who it was sent to? It was like a cc orgasm.
    I’m totally sending my resume out to like, half that list

CC Sick

Sick smile

Falling victim to unnecessary or excessive use of your email address in the CC field when receiving email at work, usually resulting in voluminous discussion threads in your inbox having little or nothing to do with your job.

  • Mike: Holy shit! These spammers at work sent me 20 emails in 5 minutes related to replacing the empty paper towel spool in the lunch room.
  • Erich: What? Why 20 emails?
  • Mike: They included me in the CC field and did a Reply to All while they discussed who’s responsibility it should be to change it. I’m getting CC Sick!

C Snitch


The act of CC-ing a person’s boss on an email when you are not getting a desired response.

  • Worker 1: I asked John’s assistant to fax me the approval an hour ago.
  • Worker 2: Email her to follow up and copy John.
  • Worker 1: CC Snitch, good idea.


A bit more about Schadenfreude

Here are some stories from ancient China that inadvertently explain a little more about misfortune that hits in the most unexpected of ways. 

In these anecdotes, the misfortune may have had a small chance of happening, but it covered a an entire definitive area so as to render 100% misfortune, with no chance of escape… definitely mature thought process required.



(yāng jí chí yú)

[ quoted from: CulturalChina.com – history – anecdotes ]

Once, in the State of Chu, the escape of an ape brought great disaster to the forests. This was as much as when the city gates were set on fire and misfortune befell the fish in the moat.

The story of the escaped ape runs like this: One day, the King of the State of Chu lost his precious ape, and it was reported that it had fled back to the forest it had come from. The King immediately sent men there to recover it. But, as the forest was immense and trackless, it was not an easy task to locate the animal. In order to let it have no place to hide, the King decreed that the forest be burned to the ground.

Concerning the misfortune of the fish in the moat, there was a story that took place in the State of Song. One day, the gates of the Song capital were on fire. People used the water in the moat and nearby ponds to extinguish the fire until they were dry. – Bai Jia Shu

Another story was recorded in Guang Yun to show how this idiomatic expression originated. Once upon a time, a man by the name of Zhong Yu (yu means “fish”) or Chi Zhongyu (chi means “pond”) had his home near the city gate. When the gates were on fire, the flames spread to his house and destroyed it. Chiyu was also burnt to death.


An irrelevance but significance :
Schadenfreude Enterprises is a creator brand in SecondLife.com

Schadenfreude brandSchadenfreude brand-2Schadenfreude brand-3Schadenfreude brand-4


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