the Beauty Quotient—source not stated…

imageI suppose since the dawn of time we have been a little obsessed with why we like things and why we, as humans, make the decisions we do.  As a matter of fact, it was vital to how we survived, how successfully our survival rate became and how advanced our successors could become.

Anyways, one reason we stated as to why we like something is the degree of its beauty.  Nowadays, beauty seems to have become traditionalised, even classicalized… there are certain criteria for the definition of beautiful which seems to have become stipulated, annotated and reworked as life has emerged and evolved over the centuries.

Now, I have read, in one of the China Daily’s column’s “Better English” there is such a thing as a beauty quotient. 

Mind you, women will never be happy until we understand what our aims and objectives are supposed to be.  Beauty is but a part of our overall goals in life.

  • What is the point of being beautiful in a very rarely agreed way? 
    I personally don’t know.
  • But then again, there is something to be said for being against popularity.

The complexities and paradoxes of life, eh?

“Better English – the beauty quotient”

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>>  Each woman has a beauty quotient.  This quotient comprises three distinct categories – physical health, psychological health and personal appearance.

每个女人都有“美商”(beauty quotient,简写为BQ), 而美商是由身体健康、心理健康以及个人形象这三部分组成的。

Physical health consists of corporeal characteristics that define a woman’s beauty.  Each and every woman has physical characteristics that are truly beautiful.  A woman’s face or body can be structurally imperfect but still exquisite.


Psychological health involves one’s personality, intelligence, sensitivity and warmth, sense of humour, attitude and overall confidence.


Personal appearance includes your beauty routine.  This involves habits regarding skin-care regimen, hair and makeup routines, wardrobe, posture and style.


It is the combination of physical and mental elements from these three categories that define a woman’s beauty



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