Sun 3 Jul 2011: Do I have a life w/o family&friends?

Location : HKSAR—after one of a series of shifts in life perspective.

Listening to : Open University’s Mathematics Degree programme on ATV World… currently on Ceva’s Theorem…  Confused smile  … it’s because I haven’t bothered to change the channel and it’s actually nice for the mind to casually float a bit without paying too much attention to what is going on.  At 10:40am there will be a programme on Personality Development in Adulthood… OK.

Contemplating : how I will bore myself to death for the next 24 hours.

Plans for the day : no set plans… *secretly pleased*
*definitely one of life’s lesser known guilty pleasures*…

Latest retail therapy disclosure : Wai Yuen Tong’s Bird’s Nest and Red Date Drink… actually that is only one of an  approximate HK$200 mini-spree I frittered in less than 30mins on a nightly wander of a 5mins return walk from where I am staying.  All consumables, yet again: drinks, evening meal and some bread to sustain me… bought with some discount vouchers too.

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
Since my mother returned to England my significant live interactions have diminished dramatically and thus my low-lights and high-lights require a digging of another kind… Winking smile  … truthfully, that’s not too difficult for me.  Soooo, here we go:
(1) madness at my personal consumption levels… madness… oh alright it really isn’t that bad.
(2) my nails are on the verge of needing new gel applied… wa-heey  Send a kiss  .

Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling :
:: pre-teensy angsty ::

I seem to be feeling as if I’m on the verge of some pubertal growth spurt. 

My ankles and calves swell up and I seem to believe that means my feet are going to start sprouting a size or two upwards!  Huh, really?

I’m feeling one-half to three-quarters in touch with the teens who are tweeting on Twitter.  Ooo-eer.  Caught between leaving girlhood and becoming a young-woman, methinks.

The randomly gratuitous section: I feel like owning lots of frivolous adorable and desirable goods… God help me. 

“Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil… Amen.”


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