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  1. @ihatequotes   ihatequotes™
    Sometimes laughing isn’t something you do for fun. Sometimes it’s a relief when you have nowhere to run. #ihatequotes  
  2. @ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    ”There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” ”Yeah that’s cool and all, but I’m human.” 
  3. @iThinkEpic   Sébastien
    I say “You’re cool” sarcastically when someone is being a complete idiot 

  4. @Ronsmoooth   Ronsmooth
    Just because you miss someone, doesn’t mean they belong in your life. 

  5. @Ronsmoooth   Ronsmooth
    I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.  

  6. @ohteenquotes   Oh, Teen Quotes™ ✪
    There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.  

  7. @xDearSincerely   Hello, Beautiful.
    Dear Cartoon characters, Do you ever change your outfit? Sincerely, Grossed-out viewers.  

  8. @xDearSincerely   Hello, Beautiful.
    Dear Justin Timberlake, You may have the ability to bring sexy back, but no one has the power to bring me back. Sincerely, MySpace.  

  9. @iThinkEpic   Sébastien
    When you trip and fall, a friend will help you back up. A BEST friend will laugh at you and possibly push you back down again  

  10. @AncientProverbs   Motivational Quotes
    Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. -Chinese Proverbs 

  11. @ispeakfemale   ιѕpeaĸғeмale.™
    There’s a huge difference between getting over things and just getting through them.  

  12. @WowOkayQuotes   Wow Okay
    I just told you “I love you.” and you reply back “ily2”. #WowOkay, not the same.

  13. @ItsTheSmallJoysIts   TheSmallJoys™
    Waking up better after being sick. #ItsTheSmallJoys

  14. @mylifesayings   Charleen
    Don’t force them to love you. Force them to leave you and whoever insists to stay is the one who truly loves you. #mylifesayings

  15. @mylifesayings   Charleen
    I should hate you for the ways you treated me. Except that I don’t. I wish I did. I wish I could. #mylifesayings

  16. Charleen@mylifesayings   Charleen
    I’m not trying to say I don’t want you because I definitely do. All I’m saying is I’m done chasing after you. #mylifesayings

  17. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling   #WandF ♥
    Don’t be afraid to cry because I’ll be there to be your shoulder to cry on. #WandF

  18. Charleen@mylifesayings   Charleen
    When u have to make hard decision, flip a coin. Y? cause when the coin is in the air, u suddenly know what you’re hoping for #mylifesayings

  19. Charleen@mylifesayings   Charleen
    I want a person who comes into my life by accident, and stays on purpose. #mylifesayings

  20. YesThatsSoTrue™@YesThatsSoTrue   YesThatsSoTrue™
    Whenever i find the key to happiness, someone changes the lock.

  21. Alec Baldwin@AlecBaldwin   Alec Baldwin
    Thinking I may want a hotel maid to falsely accuse me of something awful right before the Emmys..

  22. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling  #WandF ♥
    You’re beautiful. You might not see it, but God do. #WandF

  23. ihatequotes™@ihatequotes   ihatequotes™
    The best you can give anyone, family and friends is truth and loyalty, but you must be first willing to give it to yourself. #ihatequotes

  24. Move On@TweetMoveOn  Move On
    We live and we learn. #TMO

  25. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling#WandF ♥
    You: ”Mom, I’m going out, okay?” Mom: ”With friends?” You: ”No mom, with teletubbies.” #WandF

  26. TroubleMaker@TheBoyzSay   TroubleMaker
    My wife ran off with my best friend last week. I miss him!

  27. Motivational Quotes@AncientProverbs  Motivational Quotes
    A smile will gain you ten more years of life. -Chinese Proverb

  28. Motivational Quotes@AncientProverbs  Motivational Quotes
    Man is the head of the family, woman the neck that turns the head. -Chinese Proverb

  29. Lola.♡@TweetsByLola  Lola.♡
    – i always stop the microwave at 0:01 cause i don’t like the annoying beeping noise 😦

  30. Lola.♡@TweetsByLola   Lola.♡
    “Domino’s pizza, now made with real cheese” WTF did you use before!? – heard this SO many times now! Domino’s must feel really embarrassed(:

  31. ihatequotes™@ihatequotes  ihatequotes™
    Girls always worry about the things that guys forget; Guys always worry about the things girls remember. #ihatequotes

  32. Oh, Teen Quotes™  ✪@ohteenquotes   Oh, Teen Quotes™ ✪
    Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got. #ohteenquotes

  33. The Bankers@_TheBankers_   The Bankers
    We control the flow of human desires, the capital machine, we control the flow of all human needs and wants.

  34. Sir Swagger@ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    On a scale of zero to nothing, that is how much I care

  35. Sir Swagger@ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    When someone has a nickname, calling them by their real name sounds weird

  36. Sir Swagger@ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    That awkward moment when you realize that you probably shouldn’t have told somebody something.

  37. Sir Swagger@ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

  38. Sir Swagger@ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    I hate it when your mad at someone and they make you laugh.

  39. Sir Swagger@ThaRealMisfit   Sir Swagger
    I don’t hate you…. I just don’t appreciate your existence.

  40. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling   #WandF ♥
    If you choose YELLOW, your music genre is POP / RELIGIOUS / COUNTRY. #WandF

  41. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling  #WandF ♥
    If you choose RED, your music genre is HIP-HOP / RAP / ELECTRONIC MUSIC. #WandF

  42. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling   #WandF ♥
    If you choose GREEN, your music genre is JAZZ / CLASSICAL / BLUES. #WandF

  43. #WandF ♥@WordsAndFeeling   #WandF ♥
    If you choose DARK BLUE, your music genre is HEAVY METAL / ALTERNATIVE / ROCK. #WandF

  44. @iRandomQuotes_   I Random Quotes™
    Stop playing hard to get if you’re already hard to want.

  45. @QuotesForGirlz   TroubleMaker
    When ALL of jeans feel like skinnies. #DamnPeriods

  46. @HeyThatsSoTrueHeyThatsSoTrue™   by simplyzombie
    Has anyone else ever had that huge urge to write “No one cares,” on someones status on Facebook? #HeyThatsSoTrue


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