Comical cartoon strips in pure text

DILBERT published Spring 2011
Enters boss’s office with mug of coffee in hand while boss is busy on the computer…

Male sub-ordinate: *with avid sincerity*
“Congratulations on solving every important problem in the world.”

*boss ignores and cold-shoulders the shenanigans that has entered his office space*
*male sub-ordinate looks directly at the reader with muted awkwardness*

Male sub-ordinate: *awkwardly perplexed*
“I assume that’s what happened. Otherwise you wouldn’t have time to create desk standardization policies.”

*everything the sub-ordinate has said falls on the boss’s deaf ears*

Male sub-ordinate: *clutching at any form of escape from awkwardness of being ignored and discovers wit… *
“High five?”
*raises hand into the air*

*continued stone-cold silent treatment from boss*

F-minuspublished Spring 2011

The bear is standing on the edge of the lake listening to the emerging crocodile…

Crocodile to the bear: “I’ve got nothing against you either man, but it’s the fight everyone is waiting to see.”

Peanutspublished Spring 2011
Snoopy is typing away on his manual typewriter while sitting atop his kennel…

*tap tap tap* on the type writer:
“I will always wait for you,” she said. 
“I’m not going anyplace,” he said.
If you don’t go anyplace, I can’t wait for you,” she said.

Girl: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read!”
Snoopy thinks while typing: “I’ll add some footnotes.”

DILBERT published Spring 2011
A fully-seated meeting held in the formal meeting room…

Middle colleague reading from his notes: *with sincere earnestness*
“The committee decided that the file naming convention will start with the date, in the order of month, year, day… ”

*behind the closed and locked meeting room doors*

Middle colleague continues reading his notes: *continued earnestness*
“… then a space, then the temperature at the airport, and the hat size of the nearest squirrel.”

Middle colleague: *dumb-founded humiliation and realization*
“To be perfectly honest, it was a long meeting and we probably didn’t do our best work toward the end.”

*all heads, eyes and ears turned his way… *


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