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come back, come back… *fade out to Echo City*…
come back to me… please do… *beg, cry, beg some more*
*sob, sob, sob*  Crying face

Lost Art of Cartography

Somebody whining about the lost art of cartography…
I remember how I used to love tracing the  outlines of maps and colouring in the sea and coastal lines…
We lost the art so people could get real. 
It’s so nostalgic, it’s so easy to dive back right in… 

Computers, computers…
Electronics, automatons…
Eehehe… hahaha… *wheeze*…
Do you love life? 
Piss off… more lost arts, more lost arts…
More, more, MORE… lose ‘em and weep…hehehe… Devil

MelbourneMumma-Living Simply is a little complex

True… sometimes we do get a bit bogged down in new media, high technology and advancements we become confused, bemused and over-fused… a break now and again is definitely a brilliant idea.
DIY bullet necklace
Surprisingly self-explantory: “DIY bullet necklace…

Another two more…

Gig posters of the day, also self-explanatory… liking the chosen graphics.

Gig Posters of the day

20 Most Rewatchable Films of All-Time”–pacejmiller reviews films like: The Sound of Music, 12 Monkeys, Meet the Parents, Terminator, Minority Report, Total Recall… and then his no.1?

Ooh, I put it as my favourite film of all time… but I’ve only ever watched it ONCE, straight through.  Oh-hum. 

Another personal favourite is Nikita (the French original).  Nikita was my first favourite film. 

The Sound of Music was the first film that I liked, ever.  I was just a baby, and it remained my most likeable film of all time until Nikita came along… aaah.  One-two-three, altogether now… aaaaah!  Sweet.

PaceJMiller-20 movies of all time

PS pacejmiller is my friend because he/she likes films…too, OK?  One-two-three, altogether now… SWEET.

And a SPECIAL MENTION goes to boboontherun.com for this adorable posting… I will take the time to re-read it for a second time.  This time I only just managed to glance over it and skim read it.

A SIMPLE LIFEby boboontherun.com

   Driving into Tonga Village under the cloak of darkness was like entering an enchanted secret garden. It was barely 6pm, but already the sun had set and the stars were bright in the black velvet sky. After 2 hours drive north of Thanda Private Game Reserve in far north South Africa, we turned off the main road onto a narrow dusty track hidden in the thick scrub. Bumping along this winding road it was impossible to imagine what lay beyond the darkness – so you can imagine our surprise when we finally pulled up to find a woman with a big smile and a head torch beckoning us toward a path lit by candles and lanterns…. 



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