Bird’s Nest with Red Date Drink by Wai Yuen Tong

Birds Nest and Red Date drink-Wai Yuen Tong

Skip-a-skip-a-skipping by the local Seven-Eleven convenience store in my flip-flops late this night, I spied this small-ish  bottle of unmarked quantity produced by the Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co. Ltd, which is now a product of Singapore and is an awarded “Superbrand”. 

And no wonder it caught my eye and no wonder it is such a so-right-I’d-buy-it-again-in-a-heartbeat type of product. 

I swigged it all in one go and yes, it satisfied, but it didn’t tempt.  Yes, the meeting and greeting was brief, but yet so fulfilling.  Yes, I grabbed it, but no, I don’t feel the urge to have more, more and more.  That is generations upon generations upon generations of centuries old work and ethics. 

So right it doesn’t ache.  So right it works when the time is right.  So yeh, that is ancient Chinese medicine… a bit boring, but slow and easy does the job.

Wai Yuen Tong-logo


It was in the 23rd year of Emperor Guangxu of the Ching Dynasty (1897) when Wai Yuen Tong was first founded by a few partner members from the elite families. Since then, the exclusive ancient formulas were passed down from generation to generation.

The Company moved from Guangzhou to Hong Kong in the 1950s, while in 1979, Wai Yuen Tong was formally registered as a trademark in Hong Kong. From a family-based partnership to enterprise business backed by strategic investors, Wai Yuen Tong witnessed a century of changes.

Throughout the years, the Company abides by its corporate values while keeping pace with the fast-changing marketplace. As a result, Wai Yuen Tong has successfully secured its leading position in the Chinese medicine industry. Today, the Company continues to combine heritage with modern management methodologies in order to pursue diversification and internationalization of its operations.

From website

Delicious and smooth… just what I needed.  The benefits of bird’s nest?  So many, but fundamentally and briefly, it’s a product for overall health and beauty. 

“  Wai Yuen Tong’s Bird’s Nest with Red Date Drink is made of fine bird nest and quality red date.  It is free from preservatives and artificial colourings.  It helps nourishing yin and skin.  With ready-to-serve packaging, certainly one of the most convenient health drinks with high tonic value.  ——— packaging blurb

My personal experience has been: if you’ve been stressing it out or working it up, then it is not the time to use the product of bird’s nest.  Instead, it is when you are recuperating from such a period, i.e. your stress period is over and your body, mind *and* spirit is now in a state in which it can receive, digest, assimilate and most importantly *use* the health benefits of bird’s nest. 

Otherwise I just feel as if I’m pissing out the stuff.  That is why we always get told and lectured about how precious the goods are.  That is, if your mind, body and spirit aren’t feeling it then re-assess, what is going on with you.  If your body isn’t crying out for it then maybe you don’t need it, but given you are in a state of work then you would naturally need such a product.  That is, STOP and THINK.

My mother used to nag me about taking the bird’s nest product in its more original state i.e. solid matter, from Lao Hong Jia 老行家  But I was stressed at the time and being from another generation she didn’t understand why it was so difficult for me to accept… hey, it was my body ‘not needing’ it at the time, not my choice. 

So I discovered my body would only receive it when I was in the recuperating stage i.e. stress was over.  I feel that bird’s nest is the product to tide your body over to recuperate.  But my mother tells me it is a maintenance of health, not a healer.  So, thus, my body got it wrong. 

That is why I have gone West, gone Western, because I do get stressed and these ancient Chinese health foods no longer serve and meet my needs in totality, as they should do.

However, in its new form, this Wai Yuen Tong’s “Bird’s Nest and Red Date Drink” really does the job.  2 seconds of my time and I’m on full whack with my quota of bird’s nest.  Easy to digest form.  Yep.  For me to a tee.  I’m glad it’s a product of Singapore, since I am beginning to recognize Singapore as a nation full of young people like me going through similar stuff and thus it’s no surprise that it’s products work for me  Open-mouthed smile  .

Oh, you can’t see the actual product because I drunk it!  I just realised… so here’s more photos of the packaging instead!  Maybe I’ll nip by the 7-11 and photo the rack for you to make up for it!!


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