In pure text: Dilbert comic strip

:: From the China Daily Hong Kong edition newspaper ::


DILBERT (June 30, 2011)
at a colleague’s work station in the open-plan office space…

Bloke colleague: *with enthusiastic excitement*
Check out my new SmartPhone!

Woman colleague:
*holds bloke colleague’s new SmartPhone with cynicism in silent critique*

Bloke colleague: *non-abating enthusiasm*
The voice reception is a bit weak, but I can usually make a call if I keep my tongue on a flagpole.

Woman colleague: *with decisive derision*
You might be a victim of good marketing.

Bloke colleague: *on the defensive with enthusiasm*
It has apps!

Surprised smile

DILBERT (June 29, 2011)
returning to desk with fresh mug of coffee from the kitchenette and passing by colleague’s work station in the open-plan office…

Seated colleague at own desk: *casually strikes up a conversation*
I need a new phone. Which one do you recommend?

By-passing colleague with fresh coffee in hand:
*pre-medicated discerning manner*
Do you want to be angry about your dropped calls or angry about your poor battery life?

Seated colleague: *not amused and yet bemused*

By-passing colleague: *practicing self-defence*
Don’t shoot the messenger.

Seated colleague: *holding a cross-bow in preparation*
People similar to you build phones.


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