Another two of’s Japanese nano technology paper facial masks

IMG_1703-beautymate IMG_1704-beautymate




由于(美肌之志)系列的  (日本纳米技术)

1 )
2 )

1 ) The Konchi cantaloupe
nano-technology paper facial mask treatment

First, the blurb and product information copy-writing on the back of the packaging

(I enjoy doing typing bit! ^_^ *giggles*)



功效: 极致湿润、柔滑美白、加速代谢能力

适用肤质: 所有肤质,尤其干性肌肤及毛孔粗大肌肤


Konchi cantaloupe–Japanese Konchi cantaloupe is as sweet and fragrant as honey, continuously giving skin added moisture and dew.

Aside from its moisture-replenishing quality, its primary strength is nourishing hydration, followed by its ability to firmly lock-in the restored moisture to prevent your skin’s renewed moisture levels from seeping away.

It brings appreciable, long-lasting, skin-plumping nourishing hydration to your skin, to achieve soft, supple, moist skin with translucent white firm texture.

Active ingredients:
Seasonal Japanese Konchi cantaloupe essencedeep nourishing-hydration enables skin to have long-lasting hydration for sparkle and translucency obtained from refined water.
Kiwi, mango, gherkin fluid extractspeeds up skin cellular renewal activity, refines skin texture with a whitening result
Coconut fluid extractplentiful in fatty acids, transforms dehydrated skin into soft, moist skin

EFFECTS: extreme moisturization; softens, smooths and whitens; stimulates cellular activity

SUITABLE FOR: all skin types, especially for dry and fragile skin

Nerd smile   ME, *MY* TURN TO SPEAK   Send a kiss :

According to me, one of the best features is it only takes 15 to 20 minutes of your do absolutely nothing time, except grip your hair back, ensure face is fully cleansed and then lie back and relax’, but the effects do seem plentiful enough to seriously rival and challenge, if not equal to, a full, professional facial treatment. 

But do be aware, the nano-technology paper mask *does not* include a pair of pro-beauty hands and arms to provide you with a deep-cleanse, which most beauticians and facial therapists would tend to advise you to undergo before embarking on an expensive  facial treatment, to at least slough off some top-layer dead skin cells and rid yourself of some blackheads or ripe pimples. 

OK, so it *doesn’t do everything* but it is only for domestic use to allow you to save time, energy and money on professional beauty care.  So, you’ll have to keep up-to-date with the deep cleanse stuff yourself.  Also bear in mind that a home, *domestic* deep-cleanse is *not* on a par with a *professional-quality* facial therapist deep cleanse… really, there is a *world* of difference!  

Some people *really* do have too great an expectation of others and absolutely *none* for themselves… #cuteSmiles#   Winking smile

Japanese Nano Technology – The newly imported nano-technology with a close-fitting mask cutting, can effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique skin care experience.

Functions : replenishes and energizes skin with profound moisture, stimulates cellular activity
Suitable for : all skin types, especially for dry skin

Nerd smile   ME, AGAIN   Send a kiss :

Overall and generally, recommends it’s green colour collection of Japanese nano-technology paper facial mask treatments (8 masks per pack) for resolving these categories of skin issues:

      1. OIL CONTROL (because hydration benefits solves the skin problem of pumping out too sebum to protect the skin from dehydration);
      2. WHITENING (because the nourishment stimulates and aids cellular activity, including skin cell detoxification);
      3. HYDRATION (a notable strength of the primary active ingredients, the Konchi cantaloupe… a form of melon)
      4. IRRITATIONS AND SENSITIVITIES (nourishing hydration is a particularly good to aid for fragile and vulnerable skin)

Sometimes I use two masks in a day: either one mask shortly after the other (about 30 minutes apart); or one mask in the morning and another in the evening. 

Hey, I’ve got hardworking skin for a hardworking *some*body, for a hardworking head!  That’s all I am at the moment, a head on a pair of shoulders attached to a pair of arms and handslocated in front of the computer  Rolling on the floor laughing  !

Really, this type of mask is particularly exceptional for people who use the computer a lot, or deal with a lot of mental issues (e.g. schizophrenia, ADD, OCD, Asperger’s… etc.… etc.… j/k  Smile with tongue out ) and mental acrobats because of the hazard of dehydration and speedy consumption of correct nourishment. 

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you eat something: ingest, digest and assimilate, your body is already consuming it for output?  It barely has time to metabolize the incoming nutrition and physical building blocks to sustain your physicality, for maintenance and repair, let alone renewal, growth and development. 

Anyways, the nano-technology means the molecular structures of the ingredients are finer, smaller and more able to be absorbed through the skin to be active where it is supposed to be active, rather than on the external side of your epidermis causing more pore blockages, acne and other slimy congestions, or worse still, sitting in your rubbish bin because your skin just couldn’t absorb it, so you refused it and chucked it out. 

Not because it didn’t need the active ingredients, but purely because there was a problem at the point of absorption i.e. what absorption process? 

You could sit with a mask on your face for a whole day and not a lot happens because your skin simply cannot absorb the active ingredients. 

Another point to this is that you will have to get used to prepping your skin for domestic skin care treatments and preparations.

Nerd smile My conclusive verdict  Send a kiss :   worth getting the right product for you from’s nano-technology range of facial masks and definitely worth keeping at home for regular use  High five  .  

!   DOMESTIC SKINCARE IS LOOKING UP Pointing up Rolling on the floor laughing  !

Ingredients: Butylene Glycol, Methylisothiazolinone, Iodopropynl Butylcarbarnate & Propylene Glycol, Acrylate/C10-30 Alkyl acrylate Crosspolymer, Xanthan Gum, Purified Water, Dipotasssium Glycyrrhizate, Water/butylene glycol/Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract/ Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract/ Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Butylene gylcol/ Yeast Extract, Glycerin/Butylene Glycol/Water/Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Sodium PCA, Water & Phospholipids & Ursolic Acid, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Fragrance, Citric Acid/ Sodium Citrate

2 ) The Whitening+Hydrating
nano-technology paper facial mask treatment


IMG_1702-beautymate’s Whitening+Hydrating mask comes packaged in yellow – the box on the right… for all those who may or may not be colour-blind.


适用肤质:所有肤质,尤其黯沉 、缺弹性肌肤

Just a thought : does 『黯沉』 mean the same as 『暗哑』?


Hyaluronic acid and collagen protein are excellent moisturising agents that help to smooth out skin texture. Ginkgo biloba and morus nigra leaf extracts provide whitening effects, which help to maintain skin’s translucent glow.

Pearl powder contains marine micro-elements which can help cool off and calm the skin, reduce wrinkles and pump up the moisture level. This aids the purification process of fair skin and increases osmotic penetration of the marine micro-elements. Then the active ingredients can notably disperse, increasing the mask’s efficacy. It nourishes skin cells from deep within to greatly improve skin conditions.

EFFECTS : moisturizes and refines
(eliminates fine wrinkles, replenishes hydration, strengthens skin’s own protection qualities)

SUITABLE FOR: all skin types, especially dull, saggy skin

Nerd smile ME, AGAIN – I’M BACK Send a kiss : Same type of close-fitting mask cutting, but this time the mask is saturated in a different liquid essence which is for dull, saggy skin. 

I thought: this is a bit extreme… saggy skin?! 
However, it’s true, when nature calls for it, nature needs it.  And I needed it. 

Age-appropriate skincare is important, so I’ve been turning over all my skincare products and my skincare regime has changed too.  It’s more intensive to replenish, activate, stimulate and change according to my current needs and lifestyle. 

I did give my new skincare a miss a few times (lazy  Sleepy smile  !) just to discover the extent of my  needs… and yes, I looked like I had the skin of a 40 year old… albeit on a finer level i.e. the wrinkles were there, but finer; the sagginess was there, but finer (not quite as heavy); the lack of elasticity was there, but gentler and softer (not as definite)… *phew*… anymore? 

Lower-quality skin meant I was more prone to congested pores too and thus developed a heck of a lot more blackheads, quicker over a shorter period of time which resulted in more blackheads that were bigger and more obvious… hmm… not good. 

This particular Whitening + Hydrating mask is a good combination since I was previously advised to give whitening masks a rest due to their resultant drying effects on certain skins, like mine, which are more prone to dehydration and thus sensitivity and fragility anyway.  I spied a vicious cycle of useless skincare products… *pah!*  Baring teeth smile

Humph  Disappointed smile  , I said, then what was I supposed to do?  Not use masks altogether?  Didn’t make much sense since it is skin like mine that make consumers like me: frequent, notable and quantitative.  That is, I CONSUME the products, literally. 

They aren’t just nice, pretty frivolities to place on my dresser table to pick up on a bored, rainy day and to ‘coo-ooh-and-aah  Surprised smile’ over.

Anyway, the whitening properties isn’t about clearing away a healthy tan, but instead it targets accumulation of nasty toxins and natural waste products and excess by-products of normal daily cellular activity. 

That is what Chinese people talk about when they say “white skin” and “fair coloured skin”.  They mean the translucency of the skin which comes from the cell contents being of a healthy and pure enough quality and consistency to allow light to pass through and create the glowing effect now established as a sign of “natural” beauty. 

The beauty industry is now resounding with the words “dewy” and “glowy” which are adjectives to describe skin that has a *minimum* of both excess dead cells and toxic build-up.

Also, the “fluffing out” or “plumping up” of skin cells by way of increasing moisture content is a solution for excess, or premature, fine wrinkles.  I’m sure the moisture content should be triply inside, outside and within the cell walls.

Heat increases the evaporation of our water content at the speed of knots.  So, to cool and calm the skin allows the cells to behave more normally and as healthily optimum as possible… otherwise when cells realise they are going to be devoid or deprived of what is necessary they begin to stock up on anything and everything just to keep things ticking over normally. 

Hence the accumulation of excess “bad” stuff leading to dull skin and even sagginess due to a ‘heaviness’ and a type of ‘congestion’ and ‘congealing’ of intra- and inter-cellular ‘stuff’.

This mask does help to resolve all of those skin  issues by aiding skin’s natural detoxification process to strengthen its ability to re-build its own protection qualities.  It feeds skin what it needs to activate the relevant cellular activity to improve skin condition. 

Being specific, the mask aids:

    • moisturization to flush,
    • purification to whiten,
    • micro-elements to cool and calm the skin,
    • penetration of nourishment to re-activate optimum cellular activity, and
    • retention of moisture to maximise the efficacy of the product.


what *every* young woman in her thirties
would need –-
bar none i.e. without exception.  #Note

If you’ve been living it large, living it up, living the details, working it big, working it small… well, then you’d probably need a similar product from your mid-twenties… but then again, you still probably shouldn’t be using this particular Whitening + Hydrating mask since there will be more age-appropriate masks for you e.g. SASA’s Rose Hydro Radiance range. 

That is, younger girls *shouldn’t* be needing this level of skin nourishment – moisturization, sure, but not collagen, Ginkgo, mulberry leaf, pearl powder etc… Seriously, what have you been doing?  Just stick with your stuff and we’ll stick with ours  Winking smile  .

Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol/ Methylparaben/ Ethylparaben/ Butylparaben/ Propylparaben/ Isobutylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Acrylate/ C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Glycerine, Purified Water, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ubiquinone Phospholipids & Ursolic Acid, Maris Sal, Pearl Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Morus Nigra Leaf Extract, Soluble Collagen, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate


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