< MSN Tech: What your gadgets say about you > Are you ready to be deciphered, analysed and exposed?

Nerd smile ME : As if people knowing what you eat, where you live, how you sleep, what you do, who you speak to, who you hang out with isn’t enough… apparently, which electronic gadgets we choose to use also speaks volumes about who we are and where we are in life… *sigh* … omg … Confused smile … anyways, when you are ready, here are my comments on a slightly shortened version of the MSN Tech article. 

Click on the below title “What your gadgets say about you”, to take you directly to the full MSN Tech & Gadgets article… or just read on for my slightly edited version with my own comments attached…

What your gadgets say about you

ADAM HARTLEY, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets, 24/06/2011


What does your camera's megapixel count say about you?(Panasonic)WHAT DOES YOUR CAMERA’S MEGAPIXEL COUNT SAY ABOUT YOU? (PANASONIC)

<< We quizzed a number of leading psychologists to find out what our choice of TV, phone, camera, computer and more says about our characters and personalities.

::::… Are you a showy extrovert or a geeky introvert?  …::::

Psychologist Joanna Bawa says :

“If money’s no object the psychology is fairly simple. Most people will choose the gadget which they believe:

  • best meets a real need, or
  • most accurately reflects their status.”

Psychologist Bawa continues :

 “So one person might choose to invest a lot in an MP3 player and headphones because they consider themselves to be a music aficionado and spend little on anything else.

Another might sink it all in the phone or laptop for the same sort of reason. Some might buy the flash phone because it does everything they need, including navigation; others will want specialist devices for specialist tasks.” >>


1 ) Television: is bigger really better?


LG's latest TV, the LW650T. But is bigger necessarily better? (LG)

LG’s LATEST TV, THE LW650T, but is bigger necessarily better? (LG)

<< TVs are what psychologists refer to as ‘black goods’ (as opposed to so-called ‘white goods’ such as refrigerators and washing machines).

Psychologist Dr Lance Workman, head of research at Bath Spa University’s school of science, society and management, explains further :

White goods are designed to be attractive to female purchasers, whereas black goods (such as hi-fi and TVs) are designed to be attractive to men.” >>

Nerd smile   ME : Apparently, women are more superficial with electrical goods whereas men are more concerned with the substance and worth of the gadgetry i.e. one of the partnership is, “Oh, does it match with our new paint theme?” and the other is, “Did LG do their wicked wicked stuff?  Let’s see how good their R&D department is and did they come up with the big black goods!”… Surprised smile … sexism… *tsk* … sexism … I tell you, that is what it is.


2 ) MP3 player: quality or convenience?


The Apple iPod touch is the default portable mobile media player (Apple)

  The APPLE iPOD TOUCH is the default portable mobile media player (APPLE)

<< The Apple iPod has become the default digital music player of choice for many, although audiophiles often shun the relatively low-quality compressed AAC files that are sold on iTunes, preferring lossless formats instead.

Internet psychologist, Graham Jones says :

“Some people are brand conscious or fans of particular brands because they feel the brand represents their personality.  They need the branded item to prove to themselves they are worth something”.  >>

Nerd smile   ME : Apparently it will become the “first impressions” we often hear so much about.  For example, in a job interview: “What goods does that person like?  Which brands do they buy into?  Which lifestyles do they aspire to have?  And which formats do they prefer to consume in?… wow.  And I thought prejudice of race, creed and colour was bad enough  Sarcastic smile  !


3 ) digital camera: megapixel mania


This Panasonic Lumix camera is a megapixel monster (Panasonic)

The PANASONIC LUMIX DIGITAL is a megapixel monster ” (PANASONIC)

<< When it comes to digital cameras, size is important to men – just as it is with TVsexplains Dr Workman.

“In this case, however, it’s not the size of the screen that is important but rather the number of megapixels.”

Dr Workman continues : Five megapixels is embarrassingly small today – so most men would not mention the number of megapixels if the figure is below, say, 10. Or, if they had to do so, they tend to feel compelled to do so apologetically.” >>

Nerd smile   ME : OMG, I *suppose* … if some guy was to use his camera on me, he’d better make sure the results do me justice  Shifty  *huh!* …. High-definition is where it’s at.  If you can’t get hi-def, then I *won’t* make do. 

HD. HD. HD. HD. HD. HD. HD. HD. HD….
…. is it a song or a chant? 
It’s a megapixel monster  Rolling on the floor laughing  ! *mooo-hahaha-ha!*

That’s right, wanna see every frown  Angry smile  , every wrinkle, every twitch… 
Every emotion, every feeling, every see-through facial expression  Devil  …
Every ill-feeling  Vampire bat  ,  every dying moment, every awkwardness…  

We want the megapixel monster!

Note # When we go out to play, make sure the photos say, what I want them to say… # Note

4 ) Laptop: cheapo netbook or slim designer model?

The Apple Macbook Air - the designer laptop of choice (Apple)

The APPLE MACBOOK AIR – the designer laptop of choice ” (APPLE)

<< “You can tell a lot about a person from the type of laptop they use,” says Dr Workman.


TOSHIBA USERS : general consensus is they’re not looking ‘to be flash’ but instead want job completion… unlike the Dell Inspiron users…

DELL INSPIRON USERS : attempting to move upmarket but can’t quite afford the luxury of something like a Sony Vaio…

SONY VAIO USERS : are either out to impress or they are doing high-powered jobs that require more memory and clever tricks, as opposed to an Apple MacBook Air…

Apple MacBook Air USERS : either wants to appear cool and trendy or is somebody who really needs very specialist equipment e.g. a programmer or a photographer, or possibly both… >>

Nerd smile   ME : Just in case *anyone* is interested, my life is an open book and I just *love* exposing personal details about myself (which flout the “laws” of Facebook) and brings stalkers within sight… *ahem* …. not really … I *am* joking.

Anyways, I use Dell’s Studio 1558… so perhaps I’m in dire need of luxury that I can ill-afford… sounds about right…  Annoyed … But truthfully, about 13  years ago, I carefully and agonisingly made my selection of my *first-ever* laptop from whatever Dell had on offer, based on advice from my cousin (who was in the hi-tech industry at that time) … it was agonising I tell you.  Eventually, I made my choice and I think I did bust up the laptop while using it for my University degree: essay after countless essays of 2,000+ words; after assignment after assignment of information collation; after research after research; after e-mail after never-ending rounds of e-mails; after thesis after thesis; after team project after team project… and the lovely thing?  It NEVER died on me!  God bless…. Red heart  All my work, all those hours, all that effort… Jesus Christ I could have murdered if I lost my work.  I swear to God Almighty  Sad smile  !!

It did me proud, it pulled through, just like I did after FOUR goddamn years of hard slog.  All on ONE laptop.  I  never needed to upgrade, unlike many of my degree counterparts.  Not what everyone desires, some people *love* to upgrade to know where they’re at.  I didn’t really have the resources to do so.

My personal outburst, don’t stalk me… I’m just letting you know  Send a kiss  .

5 ) Mobile phone: smartphone or dumbphone?

Nokia X3-02: is smaller always better when it comes to mobiles? (Nokia)

The NOKIA X3-02: is smaller always better for mobile phones? ” (NOKIA) 

<< For men, the mobile phone is the opposite of the flat screen TV. Smaller is better.

Dr Workman says,

Smaller equates to high-tech, high-tech to expensive and expensive equates to success.”

“Which was spoofed in the film Zoolander, when all of the male models displayed microscopic-sized mobile phones that you could easily swallow with a glass of water.”

Dr Workman also says,

“People who text the most are more likely to score highly on extraversion and on neuroticism.  Also those individuals that are considered to be disagreeable and/or suffer low self-esteem spend a great deal of time using instant messaging.”

(Recent psychological research from Australia>>

Nerd smile ME : I love using text messaging because it’s *much* less tiring than having to provide instant responses and replies to a conversation.  I also find that people should put more effort into typing a short message text given the limited space and energy that needs to go into one i.e. focus and cut-the-crap.  Ok, sorry, not especially friendly… whoopsie  Embarrassed smile  !

I also perceive the emoticons, that are sometimes used, as another frivolous benefit and an additional outlet of self-expression from the sender to the receiver.  E.g. even signing off with your name and adding ‘XOXO’ sends a mild giggle of delight from my heart into my throat.  But do you really get that from voice messages and verbal communication?  Perhaps, but at the moment it’s a little werid to say, “Miss you, Ex-Oh-Ex-Oh”, unless you’re a “Gossip Girl” fan.  What about the emoticon  Embarrassed smile  ?  Would you then type, or even say, *sheepish* or *embarrassed”* or *awkward*?

I love instant messaging for similar reasons, but also because it saves my vocal cords.  I could go on for quite a while, but shouldn’t, as I should really get up off my fat ass and do something else  Rolling on the floor laughing  !  Serious  Thinking smile  .

6 ) Sat-nav: dog-eared old map or shiny new TomTom?

Men often overrule their sat-navs (TomTom)

  “ Men often over-rule their SAT-NAVS (TOMTOM)

<< Men hate having to ask for directions; it’s far more preferable to drive round in circles on the off-chance they might work out the route for themselves.

It seems men don’t even like to take advice from a machine :83% of men regularly rebel against their  sat-nav’s instructions.

Dr Workman says,

“This finding might be seen either as a positive finding for men or a negative one. Since it might mean that…

Men are more likely to know when their sat-nav is wrong, or, less positively for them, that they are ultimately not as good at accepting directions as women.” >>

Nerd smile    ME : *Ahem* no comment, except there was a time when my in-car sat-nav system kept directing me to the car park of my local Sainsbury’s supermarket  Surprised smile  !  It kept *insisting* that was the right way.  No matter where I was heading, I’d always end up in the car park of my local Sainsburys!  *phew*  Deja-vu… deja-vu… did I just tell you deju-vu?

Hmm… accept or not accept?  Of course, *not* accept.  Who should I write a complaint letter to?  Hmm….?  Well, at that time, it was too late to write any complaint letters, it was all about finding the right way to get the heck out of there and on my way to where I was supposed to be going.

I was willing to listen intently to my sat-nav…  and furthermore, willing to accept instructions on improvement of the sat-nav system  Winking smile  .

7 ) Home hi-fi system: expensive separates or standard iPod dock?

Naim Uniti - high-end hi-fi for audiophiles (Naim)

“ NAIM UNITI hi-end hi-fi for audiophiles ” (NAIM)

<< Expensive high-end hi-fi is almost solely the preserve of the human male. But why is this?

“There are some examples, such as hi-fi systems, where there might be a professional interest or hobbyist enthusiasm behind a high end purchase,” says psychologist Joanna Bawa.

Psychologist Bawa continues, “There are some people who will buy the latest, greatest device, whatever it is, simply because they want to have it and to impress their friends; and many of these will have friends who will be appropriately impressed.

“That makes the device a status symbol and the owner a fairly shrewd operator within their own social circle, but someone with more money than sense in wider society.” >>

Nerd smile    ME : It happens a *lot*… we all need status symbols of some sort, let’s fact the cold hard facts of life.  There’s nothing more depressing than working your ass off (or not, but still deserve to be treated as such) and having earned respect but no one can tell unless you rub it into their faces each and every time… i.e. “What the hell does it take to get some decent service and goods around here, hey?!  Sleepy smile  ”  Not only do you bore yourself to tears and to decrepit-dom, but you also inflict it upon others too… the *worst* part is inflicting it upon yourself.  Making others suffer is not a problem… is generally not a problem for those who see the joy and need for “status symbols”.  Believe it and weep  Angry smile  .

BTW, status symbols in inverted commas because not everyone calls them status symbols, but we still use them for *very* similar purposes.  It *is* very much like a matching of goods e.g. top-notch goods for a top-notch person… maybe it’s all back-to-front?  That’s for everyone else to decipher and interpret in the real, real, outer-materialistic world of real life.  Not for those who just love to dribble, drivel and drool over the goods and their potential  Winking smile  .

8 ) Earphone usage: avoidance tactics and rudeness

The ubiquitous white iPod buds: how do you use yours? (Apple)

THE UBIQUITOUS APPLE iPOD BUDS : how do you use yours? ” (APPLE)

<< “Recent psychological research has demonstrated that people sometimes wear headphones not just to listen to music but also to absolve them of responsibility when outside,” says Dr Workman.

Women in particular can use headphones to deflect unwarranted attention – since they give the appearance of being otherwise engaged.

“For both sexes, however, keeping headphones on when somebody talks to you gives the impression of being aloof or even rude. Conversely it has been found that others see someone who takes their headphones off when talking to you as a sign that they are particularly interesting. Hence headphone removal can be seen as a compliment or a sign of respect.” >>

Nerd smile   ME : When to wear headphones and when to take them off sounds complex when interacting with other people, and is actually a bane of all air stewards’ and air stewardesses’ working lives. 

When the air stewards and air stewardesses ask each passenger for their choice of dinner, so many people either forget (scatter-brains forgiven) or just don’t bother to take off their headsets.  Then they shout out loud, “PARDON, DEAR?  WHAT DID YOU SAY?  I CANNOT HEAR YOU!!”  Hmm… I suppose it is easy to forget that the soundtrack we’re listening to on the iPod is *NOT* actually the soundtrack of our lives…. it is actually a digitally compressed file of our favourite songs…. *sigh* …. what it takes to remain conscious when so much out-of-this-world electronic gadgetry surrounds us today, has to be seen to be believed. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if we need lessons and courses in health and safety about when and how to use these gadgets in the real world and when we’re out and about… remember the guy who died because he was driving while trying to re-tune his car radio?  His 15-month old kid was right by him in the passenger seat.  OK, I just made that up, but not so unlikely, huh  Confused smile  ?

For the full MSN article: What your gadgets say about you


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