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Nerd smile   ME : Apparently we do, we do, we *do* want to impress him…. alright then girls… here is MSN’s lowdown on how to achieve that desired impression on your man in 10 steps.  *Tsk* don’t let us down  Princess  .

PS I’m  Red heart*loving*Red heart  the photos on MSN (the quality, the styling, the colours, the composition etc) … wooo-hooo!  Well done, MSN and their photographic contributors/ suppliers.


 10 Ways to Impress Your Man

CATHY WINSTON, contributor, MSN Life & Style, 12/07/2010 14:59

A couple having dinner(Rex Features)


It doesn’t matter how cool you play it on the surface, every woman secretly wants her man to be wowed by her.

But all it takes are a few simple ways to convince him what a funny, foxy, smart, sexy catch you really are – cue him trying to impress you right back!

Try our top 10 tips, and watch his jaw drop in appreciation…

1 ) Matching underwear

A model wearing underwear by Simone Perele (Simone Perele)


We’re not talking about going too saucy – unless you want to – or about corsets, suspenders and stockings. But just making sure your bra matches your knickers really does matter to men and unless you’ve decided to opt for a set of greying cotton, it’s sure to put a smile on his face.

Why? According to one male insider, apart from it looking really good, it shows you’ve already considered the possibility that he’s going to be seeing it. So firstly, you get points for making the effort, and secondly, he’s got the chance of more to be looking forward to.

Nerd smile   ME : So then, no pressure, girls.  Just what you feel like only better.  OK… simple enough?  They say the secret is not to have anything in your drawers that you wouldn’t want to be seen in.  Hmm… there really is *something* to be said for having a spare pair of greying, fraying and braying donkey’s years old pair of knickers with snapped elastic… but I won’t say it here. 

Hmm… maybe, it’s for that date you’d rather put off than put on  Winking smile  ? 

Anyway, isn’t it *really* obvious when someone’s got on a pair of grotty undies?  It’s also really obvious if it’s the first time they’ve worn a corset… *aargh!*… our whole life is an open book.  Remember when paranoia used to strike: “Everyone but everyone knows it’s my time of the month!” argh  Confused smile  .

2 ) Know something about his passion

A man watching football on the TV (Getty Images)


Whether it’s football, cars or stamp collecting, if he loves it, throwing out a few choice facts is going to make you look really good. Before you pick up the encyclopaedia and start cramming, it’s not about outsmarting him on his pet passion.

But knowing a bit about his team’s top goal scorer or understanding the offside rule (really, not that complicated), or being able to distinguish an Alfa Romeo from an Aston Martin proves you care about his interests. Whether he knows you’ve done your research just to impress him or whether he’s convinced by your surprising knowledgeability, you’ll get points.

And if his hobby actually is stamp collecting, well, it must be love…

Nerd smile   ME : I guess this is so we can actually make friends with him then?  OK, logical… we must first discern whether or not he has a personality we *actually* like.

3 ) Multitask

Nail varnish (Getty Images)


Yes, we know you can do that standing on your head. But he can’t. And there’s something about seeing his lady simultaneously balance the bank account, chat to her best mate, remind him about that dentist’s appointment and paint her toenails that secretly leaves him awed and proud.

Note, this only works if you don’t accidentally remind your best mate about your bloke’s dentist’s appointment and drop varnish into your purse, but chances are this is one you can manage without breaking into a sweat.

Nerd smile   ME : Ah, what?  It only works if you’re not multi-tasking at work already. Anything you’ve exhausted at work you’ll find *really* tough outside of work i.e. in your personal life.  You already get paid to slog out your multi-tasking guts and use up your multi-layered brain cells, to further go overboard personally is just plain *too much* to ask in my book. 

If you’re undergoing training at work to learn how to multi-task successfully, then OK, you’re on a winning streak, but like everything, it *does* wear *very* thin after a while.  *I know*.  I’m *not* a salesman, but ‘trust me’.

4 ) Take a compliment gracefully

A woman showing her boyfriend her dress (Getty Images)


You know the drill – he says you look gorgeous, and you reply, ‘Don’t be daft, I’ve put on half a stone this week’ or ‘This old thing, I just threw it on’. It’s bad enough having his compliment thrown back in his face without you making him feel ridiculous for even saying it.

Smiling and simply saying ‘Thank you’ looks graceful and that you’re confident in your own skin (because, in fact, you do look gorgeous). Paying him a genuine one in return is the icing on the appreciation cake.

Nerd smile   ME : Hmm… I’ve been there.  When I complimented a fellow girl in our art class, the girl said: “Oh, this?  It’s quite shabby now, a number of years old…”  And then she proceeded to tug and pull at the hem on the sleeves of her jumper as if to pull out more threads and holes to prove her point… Hmm… I felt as if she was saying my taste was disastrous.  It wasn’t humbling, just humiliating.  I don’t really have a giant ego, nor own excessive amounts of pride… I was quite shy back then.  But oh well, it made me a shade braver.  It *really* wasn’t that bad  Winking smile  as far as unintentional ‘insults’ go  Rolling on the floor laughing  ! 

I’ll live, I thought and I *did* live… here I *still* am  Send a kiss  .

5 ) Be 3-Dimensional

A woman with a surf board (Rex Features)


Put down the blue body paint, this isn’t about Avatar, this is about showing you’re ready to embrace everything life has to offer. Perhaps you’ve travelled widely, maybe you’re a secret fan of adrenaline sports, maybe you’ve got a sideline working for the Samaritans.

Whatever it is, proving that you’re not stuck in a rut and that you’re interested in new experiences is enough to mark you out as someone special.

Nerd smile   ME : Just to put everything on an even keel though, there is a lot to be said for those who know how to dig up and enjoy the smaller details in life… do you even know there are details in life? 

However, first things first, which of the larger chunks of life do you share, have in common, have agreement over?  But what at first seems like mutual appreciation can certainly descend into a bone of *real* contention (not just a lover’s tiff) and divide the two of you forevermore. 

You’ll be surprised at how many people love the sound of some things *in theory* but in practice it’s a whole different kettle of fish… be warned.  Experience and practical knowledge account for *a lot*.  Beware of connecting over *pure* chitter-chattering.

How about your interests differing according to whether or not you’re single?  For example, some people travel for places to go, cultures to live and learn, passions to achieve and *also* to meet others; and in that time, travel becomes their passion, but once they meet their other half, they discover, staying put in one place and nesting is the thing for them. 

Rightly or wrongly that is what they’ve decided for that time in their lives, and the interests of their single selves and their coupled-up selves are contradictory… which, obviously, is *deathly* confusing  Confused smile  !

6 ) Let him treat you

A couple on a date (Rex Features)


It’s 2010 and no-one’s disputing that men and women are equal. You’re independent, with a great job, and you don’t need anyone taking care of you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let him from time to time.

It might be a throwback to cavemen days, but there’s something satisfying about being a provider. So if he offers to pay for dinner, let him. Not every time though, no-one loves a freeloader.

Nerd smile ME : Sounds about right… *huh*  a rather defiant *huh*  Green with envy  .  It’s nice to get taken care of as it is equally nice to have the ability to take care of others.

7 )  glam up

A woman with a string of pearls (Rex Features)


He might be one of the few people you’re comfortable lounging around with in trackie bottoms and no make-up – and he probably loves that too. But seeing you transform into glamorous goddess is a sure short-cut to impressing the socks off him, not least because he’s usually never quite sure how the contents of your make-up bag can have such a jaw-dropping effect.

So splash out on a new red lippie, dress up unexpectedly on takeaway night, go for a makeover and surprise him – the choice is yours.

Nerd smile ME : Some do say, save the transformation for “special occasions” because otherwise he won’t know when to have his socks knocked off, he just plain won’t notice.  He’ll forget to notice, or it’s too tiring to keep up with all your latest looks.  So you got to know yourself first. 

Are you someone who *loves* fashion and looks, in which case you might just have to overlook a few missed opportunities to compliment you on your new get-up, outfit, transformation etc.  And your friend who *isn’t* so hot on the fashion vibe gets more return per new outfit and glam transformation than you *ever* do.  It’s just one of those things, dear… just one of those things… am I right, or am I wrong?

8 ) Be direct

A young couple (Getty Images)


If you’ve still got a copy of The Rules on your bookshelf, throw it out now. This instant. Getting caught up in game-playing never won a handsome man. Instead, be directif you want a date, ask him out. If you want to see him again, say so.

Of course there’s the risk of rejection – and it can’t be a one-way street of begging – but as well as looking coolly confident, how much more of a compliment is there than saying, ‘I like you and I’d like to know you better’? Plus he’ll probably be hugely relieved that he didn’t have to bite that particular bullet himself.

Nerd smile ME : The even keel on this one is: direct can become so *stifling* *stifling* *stifling* boring.  *EVER-SO* boring.  Capitals: B. O. R. I. N. G. 

The dating scene is only so big and when the same stuff keeps coming round and round and round yet again and again and again… oh, dear god… kill me now.  But that’s just my personal, humble opinion.

Sincerity is the ultimate game plan.  Sorry, I don’t mean game plan, I mean ultimate goal for all.  It’s all about your sincerity and what you’re trying to achieve.

 9 ) Massage his ego

A young couple (Getty Images)


There’s got to be something you like about this guy – if not, why are you bothering to try to impress him? So don’t keep it to yourself.

It could be his sense of humour or his muscles, it could be the advice he gives after your tough day. So let him know what you really appreciate, laugh at his jokes, squeeze his biceps proudly, listen to his suggestions about your evil boss.

Or when he’s least expecting it, leave little notes littered around to remind him. He might look sheepish on the outside, but on the inside he’s certain you’re the best thing since widgets in beer.

Nerd smile ME : True, sometimes compliments are overlooked far too often… but don’t overdo it and not too early.  If he *really* does come from a good home then I’m sure he should be full of a few too many compliments already, plus if he has good mates and friends around him too… he should be *burp* … really quite indigestibly full on compliments before they sent him off on the dating rounds  Winking smile  .  But you just never know, one compliment too many is probably better than two compliments too few?  Right or wrong?  I don’t know… I can’t be sure, I’m no expert on compliments.

10 ) Understand that sometimes he doesn’t want to talk


A couple lying down (Rex Features)


It’s not you, it’s not the relationship – sometimes, he just doesn’t want to talk. Simple as that. So don’t keep asking, ‘Is everything all right?’, ‘What’s the matter?’, ‘What are you thinking?’, ‘Why aren’t you talking to me?’.

Leave him to his own devices, enjoy the silence and he’ll love you for it.

Nerd smile ME : True, but maybe signing up for a counselling course would do you both the world of good.  It really pays dividends to be able to be there for each other on a daily basis. 

Of course, it’s no substitute for going for *real* counselling and relationship building or therapy… it really isn’t. 

Leave the tough stuff for the professionals, but I’m not saying that every time he doesn’t talk it means he needs that level of help.  But maybe both of you could do with extras to aid the communication skills for yourselves, if not the relationship… we can all do with a bit of extra help now and again.  But not before you’re ready… just be aware of the extra help when you need it.

Kicking yourself after the event and breakdown of a perfectly suitable and desirable relationship is *OK* but not ideal… as with many things in life  Winking smile  !

Now go get!


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