Migratory: a new way to move countries and continents in pursuit of better living, with convenience, flexibility and economy… ^_^

More from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

This time, a solution for all those high-end, high-powered, highly responsible global conglomerate employed individuals who find themselves requested to move countries, or even continents, to help their company unearth and take advantage of greater opportunities, those who are self-seeking greater opportunities or even those who would like to see more of the world for no reason other than they believe that is their calling and purpose…

It’s a nice thought… I wonder how it’s all *really* going.

How are people *really* taking to this new idea?

It *does* sound brilliant though!  Not knocking it… just have a healthy dose of cynicism  Winking smile   !


<< Migratory, a MDes (Design Practices) Capstone Project by Iris Teng, supervised by Assistant Professor Peter Dean at the School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Migratory, a new style service apartment, provides movable container rooms and a four-directional lift. The container rooms allow users to move their home more flexibly and economically. The smart houses can accommodate various lifestyles. Moreover, Migratory supports service around the world as people become mobilized in the pursuit of better living or career opportunities. Moving and changing location of residence becomes more convenient and efficient.

The concept of Migratory brings collaborative services from companies across different industries, such as real estate developers, chain hotels, logistics companies, retail furniture brands and other global companies. >>



“Migratory”–uploaded on YouTube by SDPolyU on 3 Aug 2010


::::…  And for those of you who are currently moving homes,

maybe this music video will inspire you to get things going!  …::::


by Kylie Minogue (and crew)

“Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way”–uploaded on YouTube by Parlophone on 2 Sep 2010

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