2 postgraduate Masters videos from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SDPolyU)

From the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University comes two particularly notable videos… personal point of view of course *ahem*  Embarrassed smile  .

Personal bias and personal opinion only. 

IMHO => in my humble opinion.

On their SD Poly U’s video channel you can find: –


<< Droplet, a MDes (Design Practices) Capstone Project by Louise Pan Pan Lo, supervised by Associate Professor Roger Ball at the School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Droplet is a food design brand. 

Its mission is to create a brand new eating experience through the combination processes of art and science applied in food preparation. With Asian fine ingredients merged together with innovative cooking techniques in Molecular Gastronomy, the newly invented dishes express artistically through its shapes, forms, textures, flavours and colours that surprise the five senses.

With this concept restaurant located in a local shopping mall, Droplet is determined to bring extraordinary and magical creation to an easily accessible reality. >>


“Droplet”–uploaded on YouTube by SDPolyU on 3 Aug 2010


2)   CULTURAL PRACTICES  which is about how current cultural practices can be, and perhaps more importantly should be, taken into account and incorporated into the advancement and development of user-friendly technologies. 

However, you’ll have to put up with the voice-over –  no doubt done by Gareth Joe the post-graduate in-charge himself…. forget about being last in the queue for enthusiasm, I’m sure he didn’t *even know* there was such a queue, or such a thing existed.

Oh well, as we all know only too well, you can’t have everything. 

Also, I’m sure he must have been done-in after all that work on such a large project. 

Forgiven, but *not* forgotten.

<< Cultural Practices — Using Chinese Culture in Electronic Objects, a MDes (Design Practices) Capstone Project by Gareth Joe, supervised by Chair Professor of Industrial Design Martin Smith at the School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Digital and electronic objects now touch on almost all parts of our everyday lives. As they have evolved, technology has seen more intuitive user relationships. So how could these types of relationships be designed in the future?

Gareth created references based on the physical characteristics of a culture. Chinese culture, being one of the most significant, in both historic and more modern times, has created a unique range of physical actions, behaviours and gestures.

The project coupled these actions and their meanings to the function of everyday objects pairing mahjong, finger counting, etiquette, toothpicks and Chinese teapots with alarm clocks, touch style inputs, bank cards, mobile phones and hard drive. This framework can be further explored to apply to other cultures… >>


“Cultural Practices” in different technologies–uploaded by SDPolyU on 3 Aug 2010

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