Yahoo! Lifestyle: Princess reveals body transformation

Read the article… my words and thoughts follow…  Smile

Princess Beatrice reveals dramatic
body transformation

This article is located in Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Diet & Fitness section
as of Tuesday 21 June, 2011.

<< The young royal shows off her weight loss and is beaming with new-found confidence.…

Three years ago Princess Beatrice was scrutinised when an unflattering photo was published of her wearing a tight blue bikini on the beach.

The photo prompted the royal to change her diet and get into shape, fast-forward to summer 2011 and the 22-year-old now has the last laugh.

Princess Beatrice-body image-Yahoo-2011-06a

Stunning, slim and elegant Beatrice has been showing of her trim figure at a series of public appearances. The young royal was looking glam and glossy at events including the annual race meetings, the Chelsea Flower Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Speaking about the bikini pictures at the time she said: “It was such an unflattering bikini and I’ve got one that’s so much nicer, so I could have kicked myself for wearing it,” she revealed to the Daily Mail.

“The trouble is, I don’t have much confidence so it can be quite upsetting.”

“I could probably do with losing the odd pound, though, so perhaps it is the kick I need.”

Princess Beatrice-body image-Yahoo-2011-06b

Last weekend Beatrice put those haunting images to rest as she was photographed enjoying a swanky getaway, with her boyfriend David Clarke aboard a luxury boat, in the South of France and showed off her toned bikini body.

Over the past two years she has dropped dress sizes from a 12-14 to 8-10 which seems to have given her the self-assurance that she claims she lacked before.

Beatrice even brushed off the Royal Wedding hat saga that brought about a lot of criticism and embarrassment, turning it into a charitable cause by raising £81,000 at an eBay auction.

Her mother, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, had previously mentioned that her weight loss was a result of training sessions with Nayda Fairweather, running the London Marathon and following a strict diet.

On top of exercise and diet, Beatrice has developed a strong sense of style, choosing to wear outfits that compliment her curvy frame.

Her hard work has definitely paid off. What do you think of Princess Beatrice’s slimline figure? >>

The Yahoo! Lifestyle article, Princess Beatrice reveals dramatic body transformation, prompted close to 750 comments in just three days.  Below is a screen shot of one comment by a ‘John’ that seemed to ‘troll’ people i.e. seemed to have been posted to instigate, provoke and stigmatise peopleSarcastic smile  hmm… well, maybe there in John’s comment is a whole debate in itself, a whole can of worms to be separated, sifted, differentiated and labelled up.  

Princess Beatrice-body image-Yahoo-2011-06-comments

Nerd smile  My thoughts and words

And maybe John’s attitude, and those that follow his in response, are the underlying reason for articles like this (openly dissecting and analysing female bodies and body parts) and why people of Princess Beatrice’s nature and background are being scrutinised in the public eye  Sarcastic smile  . 

If a royal princess finds it tough to escape scrutiny of this kind, what help is there for the rest of us mere mortals who are far worse off  Surprised smile  .  Who else is looking at us with disdainful eyes connected to brains and hearts that wish, more than anything, to belittle us, to make us feel the way we ‘look’ to them in their eyes, to set us on a course of rights and wrongs according to them… but they dare not tell us, instead they pity us and give us insincere sympathy… Annoyed

That is *really* and *truly* incorrect  Crying face  .  It is difficult being a girl because of the dramatic changes we must undergo (although the vast majority of girls have *still yet* to understand this salient point!  *sigh*  Punch  ) and such analysis and study of other females *does* help us to learn more about ourselves, and that *does* include our bodies. 

It stands us in better steed for the future: for ourselves, for us, for our families and friends. 

But don’t be so selfless… that is the idea: DO NOT be so selfless.  We are not looking to breed a set of martyrs… but for some reason many females have this attitude towards life: “I have *never* asked for anything from you, now give me all that I will ever need for the rest of my life.” 

Like they want to hold you to ransom based on stuff they did but *never* told anyone about or they want to emotionally black-mail you given the right opportunistic opportunity.  Huh.  Sexist?  Just a bit.

Yet at the same time we are here to be able to nurture and support others… balance, dear lady, balance.  Everything in proportion and with perspective and context.

Please use some of your energy for yourself on yourself.  It pleases us to know you are OK, not just in substance but also in health and self-esteem.  Good self-esteem also affects our health, our perception of ourselves and the world around us.  It is necessary. 

To learn about exterior looks and aesthetics of the human form is something that can wait… but for how long and at what point are you supposed to do something *substantial* about it? 

That is the quagmire of the hardworking, “square” girls, or maybe the girls who just don’t have the resources available specifically for them.  You know how it is, the current trend does not befit who you are, yet there is nothing else available for you… so you make do. 

However, everyone’s level of ‘making do’ is different…

God help us from what we’ve had to subject our eyes to… Crying face

Call the fashion police, call the medic, call the plastic surgeon, call the pharmacist, call the beautician, call the chiropractor…

Call the podiatrist, call the manicurist, call the pedicurist, call the hairdresser, call the dentist, call the orthodontist…

Call the optician, call the make-up artist…. Sleepy smile …. call the, the, the…. *short of breath* *heart palpitations* *high-blood pressure* *entangled brain*….

“Oh never mind!” maybe there’s just no helping some people…

However, there is a whole lot in:

External looks do show a sign of health; it can be used as an indicator of health, but is only an indication and is by no means a thorough diagnosis of your status of health ” 

I said that  Nerd smile  .

I feel *all* females should have an opinion on this matter and not one of those girls (women) should need someone else to speak for them. 

However, I do know that to have your own voice and to use it correctly for yourself is a very difficult skill to achieve.  It is a skill. 

But really, we should be learning to express ourselves correctly, for our own use as well as for others. 

DO NOT hide yourselves against your intended will and desired freedom.

There are those of us who need a little time to get away from everyday life (for a *temporary* amount of time), but there are those of us who use it as an excuse. 

::::… NO EXCUSES permitted, speak up for yourself …::::

Princess  learn to do it  Princess

Red rose  Red rose  learn to do it now  Red rose  Red rose


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