my mentions from their “I Spied” column

I’m loving the’s fashion section header… *mmmwah!*   Red lips

Telegraph online-fashion

On June 8, 2011 I spied Telegraph’s online column I SPIED in its fashion section… hmmm… Smile with tongue out  my ‘worth-a-mentions’ are….

Telegraph-I spied



Telegraph-I spied-01








Telegraph-I spied-02

Cutesy, cutesy, coochy-coo! Send a kiss

Good for my essential, take-everywhere-with Po Sum On balmme Po Sam On Balm (often known as an oil).

Or maybe a selection of mug shots of loved ones snapped in a Ph0to-me-Booth…

Oooh…. what a sharp and exotic print! And at a fraction of the cost of the high-fashion swimsuits I’ve just seen… Red heart

Telegraph-I spied-03

Telegraph-I spied-04

I have never used a cream of that price range before… but my overall skincare, beauty and personal care budget is probably many times that price. I’d say I spend that kind of money on pharmacy and drugstore buys within two months…

I love colours, especially in fashion, but sometimes you can only then when in a certain mood. They say each colour has a specific vibration and that is why our moods may dictate which colours we choose to wear and also how certain colours call us when we’re carrying certain moods.

I think it’s really difficult to get the shades of colours right, but this high-street set chosen by Telegraph’s fashion experts is spot on.

Telegraph-I spied-05

Telegraph-I spied-06

I think this is quite witty… don’t know why! But it’s so apt… I’m sure it’s something that I love to meditate on. Simply ingeniously created and crafted.

I’ve seen a lot of Thomas Sabo stuff around lately, and I think they’re very enjoyable. They give an added dimension to accessories and provide a bit of a talking point as well as some food for thought.

Telegraph-I spied-07

Telegraph-I spied-08

I love these 1950s-style pin-up girl two pieces. They call it a ‘playsuit’ but is it actually a swimsuit? Love it.

Reminds me of great summer days out, when you leave home in the cool morning mist when the dew has only *just* evaporated and then return home a bit sticky with perspiration and the sun has set, making the home radiating heat into the midnight air… and your belly is warm and full from a cosy, hearty meal at The Harvester.

Telegraph-I spied-09

Telegraph-I spied-10

I’ve always loved scarves and have a few to tie around my throat, which is a very sensitive to the cold, even just walking around catching the breeze brings on a coughing fit.

This scarf isn’t totally visible, but I like what I’m seeing and it’s from the Alexander McQueen label. Enough said?

I’m loving cobalt blue at the moment and I love chain handles and I love tassels…. OK, so there are more boxes that it’s ticking for me… that’s why I’m loving it… but I really don’t know how I would *ever* wear it!


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