What I noted as distinguishable females on MSN’s Match.com

What I consider to be
distinguishable females

As I was perusing the internet… as I *sometimes* do I noticed these lovely ladies on Match.com… I was NOT wondering *why* they had subscribed and joined a ‘lonely hearts’ club, but I was thinking, “What notable women”  In love  .  And thus, I decided to give them some space in my blog .

I don’t know these people, but they are women I would most certainly (like to)  approach in a club, pub or any other place of social gathering, to open a conversation, no matter how brief, fleeting or casual   Send a kiss

I would (believe I would) enjoy an instant opportunity for a fleeting connection, but yet we might never meet again nor become friends in-touch.  Nonetheless they are people I would approach to understand more about *how* they are and *who* they are. 

They appear to be women I would send my personal regards to, as a matter of course, because of who they are.

Maybe in reality we would meet through more usual daily encounters e.g. bookstore woman, cafe waitress, deli counter in-charge, supermarket floor supervisor, hotel front desk etc.

Judging a book by it’s cover?  I don’t think so. 

Oh, I hope they wouldn’t let me down… it’s not anyone’s responsibility, fault nor grudge to bear, but as I grow up and mature, I do understand our life experiences (if we bothered to value them) encourages us and enables us to have opportunities to gather greater and deeper understanding of others, as well as ourselves.

Part of that experiential understanding means we are more able to select, in the briefest of moments, in a relative instance, a discerning taste and discriminating behaviour towards others that might be complementary to ourselves in a way that benefits both parties.

They are people whose being, existence and courage to walk this earth makes our lives better, more hopeful and worth living whether or not they are within our immediate circle, our local vicinity, our region, our continent or working in our local places of customary visits…. of course, it is better that we do cross paths at some point, otherwise the world would be a pointless place!  Rolling on the floor laughing


… *God Bless* …

“Good luck in the search for worthwhile, valuable, rewarding and
long lasting personal
relationships, no matter with whom,
no matter the type of connection – hope you get the results you deserve!”



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