My cup of Lipton’s “White Tea–with refined floral notes”

“White Tea with refined floral notes”

Lipton white tea- transparent pyramid tea bag

Today, after a few days of feeling totally crap… I couldn’t even manage a status update because I’ve just been feeling so cruddy… I tore  open my recently purchased but not yet opened Lipton’s White Tea.

I’ve got some kind of throat bug, which apparently is the flu,and is causing me to have some kind of coughAt first it was just an irritant in the back of my throat, but then a couple of days later my throat and upper oesophagus became inflamed and initiated a need to cough and splutter.

After a few coughs it started to bring about headaches in the back of my head: like a sudden spurt of anti-gravity blood was exploding into the lesser-used recesses of my brain matter each time I coughed,which created pressure and dull, blunt aching pain underneath my skull.

Anyways, today is the sixth day and I’ve been on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find solutions to this current issue of ill-health that’s sprung a leak in me and my energy.

I’ll back-track and fill in the cracks later… but today my chosen choice of brew is Lipton’s “White Tea with refined floral notes” and it went down very well, probably due to my current ill health. 

It’s packaging blurb is:

“Discover the unique taste of Lipton White Tea with its subtle and refined floral notes.

This selection of youngest buds of the tea leaves, called silver tips, and long tea leaves will delight you thanks to its delicate floral notes.

It has been picked by hand and processed so it remains close to its natural state.  Presented in the Lipton transparent Pyramid tea bags, designed for a better infusion of long tea leaves.”

Each tea bag weighs1.6 grams and there are twenty in a box.

I usually allow the initial steam from the freshly brewed cup of tea infuse my eyes with gentle warmth – it clears my mind and feels like a muted, enveloping tonic of sincerity.

Rolling on the floor laughing Send a kiss Open-mouthed smile

where white tea is grown-fujian province

Sourced from website “” which claims to have “reviews of the world’s greatest teas”…

Sourced from website “” which is approved by the Chinese-American Tea Association (CATA)…

Bai Mudan (白牡丹)is a white tea, a cheaper version of Yinzhen (银针) with fewer buds and more leaf. It is produced in the spring and is usually covered in white down. It is widely considered to be the second grade of white tea. The tea is usually grown in the Fujian Province of China from Da Bai (大白)or Large White tea trees.”

~ quoted from

“The tea bushes are grown in rows that are usually about 2-4 feet high.

Like wine grapes, tea has an ideal growing climate in which photosynthesis occurs during the day to produce the best flavour. During the day, photosynthiates are built up in the leaves from the conversion of carbon into high-molecular-weight compounds of flavour, aroma, and structure. But maximum photosynthesis occurs at approximately 87 degrees Fahrenheit.  (This is true of most deciduous plants, plus or minus a few degrees.)  At over 98 degrees, photosynthesis stops.”

~quoted from

white-tea brewed in china cup with flower

Picture sourced from website “” which encourages readers to “enjoy a great tea experience”…

white peony - bai mudan

Picture sourced from website “”…


  1. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE: the antioxidants aid in the thinning of the blood and reduces the chances of suffering a stroke of a heart attack.
  2. CANCER PREVENTION: the antioxidants stop free radicals from damaging the reactions the occur in our cells which minimises the number of harmful mutations that can lead to a multitude of cancers e.g. colon, stomach or prostate cancers.  Also, the polyphenols found in white tea inhibit carcinogenic mutations.
  3. LOWER CHOLESTEROL: a specific group of antioxidants called “catechins” are also present and are extremely effective at reducing cholesterol, which prevent the hardening of arteries that result in restricted blood flow.
  4. ANTI-BACTERIAL AND ANTI-VIRAL PROPERTIES: white tea is not the only tea to have this property, since all the teas produced from the Camellia sinensis plant have antibacterial properties.  In the near future, tea extract maybe used in antibacterial medicines.
  5. HEALTHY SKIN: the antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stress and immune cell damage often associated from prolonged exposure to the sun, and when damage occurs at the cellular level it can cause skin cancer, mottled pigmentation or wrinkling.

~quoted from article
5 Health Benefits of White Tea 

White Peony white tea i.e. Bai Mudan
(白牡丹白茶) – considered second in rank to the Silver Needle white tea i.e. Baihao Yinzhen (白毫银针) – because it consists of buds and leaves.  The best White Peony has both bud and leaf covered in silvery white hair.  It tends to have a stronger taste and darker colour than Silver Needle.”

~quoted from article “White Tea Varieties


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