Cafe del Mar music compilation (10 mins)

I think this compilation is particularly superb… I Red heart Cafe del Mar music albums.

Café del Mar (“sea café”) is a bar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza. It is known for its sunsets and chill-out music.”

quoted from:

Enjoy this: sit back, kick back and allow the rhythms of your heart to swim to the smooth melody of Cafe del Mar’s music. 

I, in particular, do sense a sunset picture when I hear their form of chillout music – a very apt picture.  It is the sensation I have felt, as a little girl, while away on warm summer holidays with my family on coastal Western Europe (in particular, Spain). 

The glittering glow of the setting sun reflected off the ripples of the sea, the smoky heat of the ground releasing it’s day’s retained heat, gentle sea breeze whistling through the leaves and my hair, smouldering skin from hours spent frolicking in the high frequency spectrum of early afternoon UV rays and the joys of smelling the scented air and thinking about the local food for dinner.

Here to appreciate  Red heart .

…:::…:::..::..::..:: Cafe Del Mar music compilation
as uploaded on by :: 100Benji001 ::

Cafe Del Mar compilation uploaded on by :: 100Benji001 :: on 11 Apr 2008



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