My materialistic tendencies of today ^_^

Today, after my bit of an online rampage Punk painting my cyberspace locales red, black and blue… Thinking smile  and whatever other colour and literal sparks suited me today, I went out for some steamed ‘in-house label’ pork and cabbage dumplings ( 招牌水饺) with sweet and sour soup-base noodles (酸辣汤面) Smile with tongue out accompanied with hot milk tea, of all things.  It was a set meal priced at HK$30 (~GB£2.50).  De:lish Send a kiss.

I chose not to have the soyabean drink (豆浆) because it does funny things to me sometimes so I have to be aware and in-tune with myself to decide whether it’s a good day for it. 

Ok, sounds weird and a mild case of hypochondriacism, but I *know*.  Sometimes it’s the onset of a coughing spree and sometimes it’s the onset of a burbling stomach.  I only drink soyabean drink (豆浆) if I’m feeling a certain type of ‘drained’ – it helps with my gut.  That’s what I feel and have acknowledged, if someone else can explain it in terms of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) knowledge all the better. 

Apparently it might be something to do with the latent heat or cold within the food products and soyabean drink is considered to be a cold product.  I already have enough coolness in me, apparently.  It’s to do with air-conditioning and having grown up in a cooler climate.  I’d rather that than over-heating… that really is bad.  Prickly heat is a bad thing.  Bad.

Anyways, I was contemplating the things around me and I really enjoy products and goods.  I really try to keep it to a minimum… but I thought I’d mention today as it was an *extra* product day – not extra special, nor extraordinary, but extra-product as in extra-good.  Not perfect, just good with my *goods*.

Here’s me sharing a little… nothing Punch wham-bam-knock-my-socks-off Punch riveting, but some light reading of my little audit of today’s goods that made me live a little better today. 

I am now officially moving on to a paper facial a day, until further notice.

Materialism that helped me
live better today

Dear God, thank you for retail.  Thank you. 
Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.  Amen.

(I won’t be reading this post again for fear of reinforcing my 21st century affliction of shopaholicism)

IMG_1592-holoholo shrimps_thumb[4]_thumb[4] IMG_1590-holoholo shrimps_thumb[9]_thumb
IMG_1591-holoholo shrimps_thumb_thumb

My Holoholo shrimps strangely do give some air of life within my room, no matter how miniscule and tiny they are.

It’s quite nice to grasp the base and hold them to the light through the window just to check up on them, give them a quick count and then to watch them scavenge around a bit.

Just my bit of peace for the day – a mind-clearing activity, some down time for when my wits get a bit testy.


IMG_1593-Vivo Haul01_thumb[1]_thumb

IMG_1594-Vivo Haul02_thumb[5]_thumb

IMG_1595-Vivo Haul03_thumb[2]_thumb

:: My VivoPlus drugstore spree::

1) Nesura’s “Olive Moisture” facial cleansing tissues with green tea extract (from Korea) x2 30 sheet packs
2) Liese’s “Bubble Hair Colour”
in Cassis Berry (from Kao Corporation Japan)
3) Max Factor’s “Vibrant Curve Effect” lip gloss in #15 Intuitive (from Proctor & Gamble UK, made in Italy)

4) Max Factor’s “Max Effect Trio” eye shadow
in #04 Queen Bee (from Proctor & Gamble UK, made in Italy)
5)’s “classic collecton of extra strength firming and whitening” facial treatment paper masks x34 sheets: Arbutin Whitening masks, Collagen Firming masks, Platinum & Pearl Lift Stretch masks, Gold & Marine Collagen Lift Stretch masks.

= HK$424.20 (~GB£34)

:: And my complimentary freebie gifts ::

  • L’Oreal’s “Hydrafresh: Intense Hydration Supply” water-plumping mask (15 ml) which “offers pure spa water and minerals to make skin less tight and more bouncy”.
  • L’Oreal’s “Hydrafresh: Aqua-Essence” (15 ml) a daily gel-crème moisturiser enriched with vitamins (C, E and B5) and essential minerals (Magnesium and Calcium). It delivers freshness and moisture to leave the skin feeling perfectly hydrated and fresh throughout the day.
  • Sewame Paris’s “PXE:Fruit and Vegetable Aqua Series” multi-vitamin aqua cleanser (20g).
  • Sewame Paris’s “PXE:Fruit and Vegetable Aqua Series” multi-vitamin aqua cream (5g).
  • Sewame Paris’s “PXE:Fruit and Vegetable Aqua Series” multi-vitamin aqua lotion (12ml).
  • Olay’s “Aquaction” long lasting hydration gel (8g).
  • Sunplay Skin Aqua’s “UV whitening moisture gel” in SPF 25 PA++ (10g)
    from The Mentholatum Company.


IMG_1598-ParknShop Haul03_thumb[3]_thumb IMG_1596-ParknShop Haul01_thumb[1]_thumb

Laughing Cow Belcube Cheese Spread 15s_thumb[3]_thumb

IMG_1597-ParknShop Haul02_thumb[4]_thumb

:: My Park n Shop supermarket spree ::

1) The Laughing Cow’s “Belcube” cheese spread in flavours of pizza, plain and bacon (15 cubes of 78g net) in flavours of pizza, plain and bacon. Manufactured in France. 50% fat in dry matter.
2) Mei-kin’s “wheat grass juice drink(920 ml) of Ou-Dean Food Factory Co Ltd, Taiwan
3) V Deluxe “Zenses” tissues in scent of gardenia x2 packs of 15x pocket tissues and x1 free box tissues.
4) Blueberries x2 small plastic boxes (@125 g net) of Berry Lady brand, Fruit Patch Inc, CA, USA
5) Maid Brand’s honey flavoured sausages (160 g net) of Dongguan Four Seas Meat Processing Co Ltd, PRC
6) Clamue’s “aloe & marine collagen mask” x3 and “aqua collagen essence mask” x1 of Korean origin [buy 3 get 1 free].

= HK$148.80 (~GB£12)

Grand total
= HK$573 (~GB£45)


:: My current desktop appearance :: on my Dell Studio 1558 laptop


MsCBYBSc-my current desktop wallpaper-Jun2011_thumb[2]_thumb

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