Wed: a day of dried cranberries, M&Ms and macadamia nuts

::Location :


under a cloud of double layer duvet and 5 fluffy pillows in HKSAR


| New born baby sleeping on a soft fur background
and covered in pink feathers with a soft focus to add elegance |


<< Sourced from website which has “9,730,470 royalty free stock photos” and its slogan is “Creative images at your fingertips”.

<< (image id: 5582953)

>> Sourced from website which has “15,360,127 royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors” who describes itself as “the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world”.

(image id: 35968312) >>


::Listening to :

a Discovery Channel programme about thunder and lightening: Earth’s electromagnetic storms

::Contemplating :

my new demi-spherical yellow ring

::Plans for the day :

breathe easy and tank up on Ocean Spray’s dried cranberries, M&M’s chocolate shell coated peanut and chocolate-centred snacks, together with sporadic helpings of honey coated macadamia nuts

Ocean Spray’s dried cranberries

ocean spray dried cranberries

M&Ms peanuts


M&Ms chocolates


macadamia nuts

macadamia nuts

::Latest retail therapy disclosure :

Four retail boxes of blended teas:
(1) rose with a hint of green tea
(2) Celestial  brand of green tea blended with white tea,
apparently it’s the ‘imperial choice’
(3) Lipton’s tea for rejuvenating and hydrating eyes
(4) Lipton’s white floral tea
= a total of 80 tea bags.

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :

(1) discovering to my dismay Disappointed smile ,
that a recently purchased Japanese brand
of tomato juice lacked enough strength and concentration
of tomatoes to make drinking it worthwhile, let alone a pleasure to savour
i.e. it tasted too bland and lacked tomato power
(lycopene… more… I need… Smile with tongue out ). 
Maybe I needed to add some
Lea & Perrins “Worcestershire Sauce”? 
Or maybe when it comes to vegetable juices
it is brand V8 all the way for me?

(2) being able to get the majority of my laundry
done before being reminded

::Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling :

:: fatigued ::

>> Sourced from the UK’s Science Museum’s website: “Boyle’s type anaesthetic machine, 1941-1963” (image #10324714).

The Science Museum promotes “astonishing science, spectacular museum”.

Boyles type anaesthetic machine-years 1941-1963-image10324714-science museum org uk

Not very interesting,
but my face feels drained and a bit numb
and thus is expressionless and craving facial treatment masks
– I used one of my last remaining
SASA’s “Rose Hydro Radiance”
paper masks today. 
Yummy and silky feeling  Send a kiss  .

Rose Hydro Radiance-Sasa

<< This is a photo of SASA’s “Rose Hydro Radiance” night cream, but it was the ::paper mask:: that I used today.

The “Rose Hydro Radiance” skincare series also has a ::sleeping mask:: which is I would highly recommend for its gentle, dewy, moisturising properties because it does feel so soothing and silky when applied.


::The randomly gratuitous section:

I really am not feeling in the gratuitous mood today.  
Generosity does not exist today.  Punch


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