Conditioning eyelash gel: Talika’s ‘lipocils expert’

Talika’s “lipocils expert” conditioning eyelash gel

talika lipocils expert eyelash conditioning gel

:: Introduction ::

This eyelash gel is for conditioning, repigmentation (i.e. darkening of colour) and natural curling of poorly eyelashes.  Mine really fall into the category of poorly and thinning eyelashes.  I can’t help but want to, and eventually do, pinch and pluck them out as they get itchy and dry.  I think it’s just time to turnover a few hairs more than anything else.  I don’t think I’m undernourished, but I have been using my eyeballs a lot.

Compared to other eyelash conditioning gels  available on the market, France’s Talika “lipocils expert” conditioning eyelash gel falls on the expensive side (~HK$350-400; UK£26) coming to be about four times more than the price of a a popular Taiwanese brand (~HK$80; UK£6) and about one and a half times the price of another close runner.

I have yet to try any other brands, but on gut instinct I was instantly drawn to Talika’s “lipocils expert” without having looked at the price (but at that time it was going at a 20% discount).

:: Nerd smile  My verdict ::

Love the two-method applicator i.e. two-uses-in-one applicator.  I’ve been using the sponge tip to dap oodles of gel onto my lashline and the brush wand to more thoroughly smooth the conditioning treatment through the full length of my lashes.  The brilliant thing about this gel is that it has been so suitable for me that my lashes have been soaking in its goodness very readily  Red heart

This means that even though I have “knitted-in” semi-permanent individual false eyelashes on my top eyelid, the gel gets right in-between the synthetic lashes and onto my own eyelashes and not only that, but some excess gel holds onto the false eyelashes for prolonged absorption opportunity!  It also provides a type of ‘hold’ and ‘arrangement aid’ for the falsies  Send a kiss

An unexpected result is that the gel is only gently scented (if at all), has a refreshing light texture yet substantial quality, and does not weigh down my eyelashes – so I can apply and be good to go out with bright eyes  Red lips

I was advised to apply twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed, but the gel has been absorbing really well into my lashline and lashes (as opposed to a Vaseline petroleum jelly effect of having gungy-gooey adhesive paste stuck to my eyelids for a full day and night – I tend to get spotty like that).  The ease of absorption is a pleasant meeting of my slowly-formed expectations over many years of lusting after thick, luscious, curly lashes  Laughing out loud

I am not the consumer who needs heavy goo in order to feel the conditioner working – surely that is a psychological aid to indicate effectiveness and improvement  of product formulation more than anything else.

So, I’ve been applying the gel to my lashes as soon as I notice and remember that the gel has become absorbed and at the last count that has been about seven to eight times a day!  I find the gel really soothing on my eyes – no stinging, which is really important to me as my eyes do become sensitive, dry and tired.

Thus, according to me, and not really having any practical experiences of comparison I rate Talika’s “lipocils expert” conditioning eyelash gel as a well-recommended five-star product.  Maybe it’s a premature verdict based on ignorance of other brands and formulas, but it’s a personal conclusion based on critical expectations – I have been waiting for such a product, regardless of price.  I’ll worry about the price next time I buy! Embarrassed smile

Punch  BUT, I have yet to measure my lashes against the brand’s claims of proven result after 28 days’ use:

          • +4mm lash length
          • +50% darker
          • +50% curlier

… so I’m not a professional substantiator, quality controller, auditor,  tester nor reviewer.  It’s just a friendly chit-chat about what I’ve been enjoying lately  Smile.

:: Something about Talika the company ::

“Developed in 1948 by a young French doctor, Danielle Roches, Talika originally was an anti-bacterial cream made of plant extracts used to treat casualties of war in Parisian hospitals. 

Dr. Roches noted that the product not only promoted healing of wounds, but also had a dramatic secondary benefit: significant and measurable eyelash growth.

From this discovery, the company was born, specialising in eyelash and eyebrow appearance and growth. Throughout the years, millions of women, including famous movie stars and top models, have sought out the benefits of Talika Lipocils and have remained loyal consumers.

Over the years, Talika has developed exciting new products that answer the specific beauty needs of today’s women focusing on three critical and very noticeable areas: Eyes, Face and Hands.

With the promise of introducing products that are natural and offer visible results, Talika’s success has been consistent throughout the world.”


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