Personally noted comments on 13 different videos


:: 1 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Massage Therapy: Types of Chinese Massage
uploaded by: expertvillage on 5 Dec 2008

  • 1. I think she’s Canadian.
    2. She could make sky diving boring.
    3. Do I see the paralyzing palm hold in the first half of this clip? SHE IS NINJA!
    Arm4g3dd0nX, 2 years ago
expertvillage-types of chinese massage

   My response: Punk  Yeah, don’t mess with her. She means business.


:: 2 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

uploaded by: ThePeacefulCat on 30 Apr 2009

thepeacefulcat-hotchinesemassage-tumbnail thepeacefulcat-hotchinesemassage
  • You. Die.
    esrapk, 6 months ago

My response:
Sleepy smile
The answer is: Endurance.

  • Congratulations, you just posted a video of you talking about a massage you recieved.If this video is just going to be you talking, then at least make the thumbnail accurate. Why? a) horny pre-pubesent kids wont get let down b) so when someone see’s HOT CHINESE MASSAGE!!! with a picture of one, they’ll expect to see a hot chinese massage. This will get rid of all the haters, trust me. Klassenex 5 months ago


:: 3 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Karo’s USA Pony 7 Inch Stripper Heels
uploaded by: ShoesOfHollywood on 20 Jun 2010

shoesofhollywood-Karo USA Pony 7 Inch Stripper Heels

  • love love love them! i would wear them around town,always found “stripper heels” to be very elegant and feminine.  tamithomas, 2 weeks ago
jimmy choo peep toe heelsjimmy choo rainbow club lara court heels

My response: Sarcastic smile  The thing is, if you know those kind of heels, you just know… I mean, surely dear God. As much as I like to have fun with heels… elegant and feminine have got to be something else
(In case of uncertainty, examples to the left-hand side.)


:: 4 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Coole High Heels
uploaded by: lachschlampede on 16 Oct 2010

lachschlampede-coole high heels
  • no wordz can describeeeeeeeeee how i feel abt these shoezzz 😀
    Kubulgum,3 days ago
  • what a great way to spend your time.
    durgaaa,3 months ago
  • looks comfortable…
    saminasubhani,4 months ago

My response:  Sarcastic smile  Is anyone being sarcastic?


:: 5 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Super Crazy Highheels!!
uploaded by: FunFacta on 8 Jan 2011

funfacta-crazy killer heels2 funfacta-crazy killer heels
funfacta-crazy killer heels3 funfacta-crazy killer heels4

My response:
Surprised smile  OMG, what is it about shoes and people?
Is it a status thing? A sign of exceptional skill?  I don't know smile
Flirt male Are we re-defining “sexy”? 
Or are we just bored out of our brains?  Disappointed smile
I have a side of me that adores heels too… but just the mere thought of these Crying face 
Sleepy smile Tired just thinking about it… Confused smile


:: 6 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Dance in Heels Class at Elevation Studios
uploaded by: threegina3 on 21 Jun 2010

threegin3-dance in heels class at elevation studios My response:
Be right back  A class to learn how to dance in heels? Now that really kicks. Love it.


:: 7 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

tutorial for walking in ballet heels
uploaded by: SuzanziBalletHeels on 30 Nov 2010

suzanziballetheels-tutorial for walking in ballet heels
Her Walking in Ballet Heels website deserves a mention.
  • this is the most stupid thing i ever saw. only a flock of sheep would do this. be your own shepards people. it dosent even look good!
    AhGirlNa 2 days ago

@AhGirlNa Being that you obviously belong to the largest group of sheep on the earth..The Christian Religion I find it rather interesting that you would talk about blindly following along. Now kindly toddle off and watch the bible story or something…
SuzanziBalletHeels 2 days ago

  • Did walking in shoes like that help to tone your legs?
    itsjustnopinionok 1 month ago

@itsjustnopinionok HI. I guess it can, but what it does is push forward the arch of the foot and make it more pronounced. For some dancers, it might be a really good training tool. I used to think differently, but since I have experienced this change in my foot, I’d say definitely yes. ::-)
SuzanziBalletHeels 1 month ago

  • Dam u got a nice body.
    itsjustnopinionok 1 month ago

@itsjustnopinionok Thank you. 🙂 I’m 46 and that means a heap. 😀
SuzanziBalletHeels 1 month ago

An inspired piece of writing spawned from AhGirlNa comment:
Flock. Flock. Flock to the herd.
Hear the bleating. Hear the noise. Hear the call.
Flock. Flock. Flock to the herd.
Hear the bleating. Hear the noise. Hear the call.
Silence the shepherd. Silence the dog.
Do as the farmer wants.
Enter the pen. Destroy your soul.


:: 8 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Ballet Heels, Standing and Posture Tipssuzanziballetheels-ballet heels standing and posture tips
uploaded by: SuzanziBalletHeels on 25 Jul 2010

  • i want ballet boots really badly, but not for fetish reasons (which makes me uneasy about buying them…) i want to learn how to walk on my toes or in pointe shoes and i heard learning in the boots and wearing them to bed helps your muscles get used to the positioning and stuff. also i hear it’s good to slim down and tone legs.
    sonicSWEETheart 7 months ago

@sonicSWEETheart It’s not so at all. Ballet heels and the discipline of ballet only have the name as a similarity.

Wearing them to bed is pretty much overkill I think. I would not do it to try to change the shape of my feet as the ballet heel does not have a lovely arch for the foot anyway.
They can be used for whatever you want. I circulate mine amongst the other heels I own and wear and use them for daily tasking. Hardly fetish really, unless you’re watching it I guess. 🙂 SuzanziBalletHeels 7 months ago

  • ohhh thanks you very much gonna be much easier to walk in my ballet! But…… my boot are a bit to big for me.. what can i do my toes are always touching the bottom of the boot
    sk8killer12 9 months ago

@sk8killer12 There is a tutorial at my journal about this problem. Check it out!
SuzanziBalletHeels 7 months ago

  • INSANE. if you think this is a good idea- not only does it not look “sexy” or “cute” you look like a moron. Leave the fetish shoes where they belong, they are not intended as street wear. Breaking an ankle or snapping your arch is a high cost to pay for trying to get in on this trend. Do you want to be relegated to orthopedic shoes for the rest of your life?! Regular heels can be dangerous enough, but these are ridiculous. If you want to learn for ballet purposes, take ballet. GET REAL. codydog1100 2 months ago

@sk8killer12 – Do a search for ballet shoe toe pads, there are some excellent gel pads used by professional dancers which are wonderful for cushioning the toes and will help the boots fit better 🙂rockwell666 8 months ago

  • @SuzanziBalletHeels ohhhh thanks! i never tought about these balls! if its working imma be ablo to do videos with my ballet …. if i can walk perfectly like u do hehe
    sk8killer12 9 months ago

@sk8killer12 Look for some soft squeeze balls. Sometimes they are called stress balls. Cut them and put in the bottom of the boot. They will work somewhat but it depends on how much too big they are :-).  Hope this helps.
SuzanziBalletHeels 9 months ago

My response:
SuzaniBalletHeels provides some technical insights… nice work.  Winking smile


:: 9 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

bellos tacones altos / pretty high heels
uploaded by: loveheels7inches on 6 Jun 2010

loveheels7inches-bellos tacones altos-pretty high heels loveheels7inches-bellos tacones altos-pretty high heels2

My response: Loveheels7inches’s first venture in her 5 inch leopard print heels… Send a kiss made me *giggle* Red lips


:: 10 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Ballet Heels extrem
uploaded by: allyouneedtonight on 19 Jan 2009

allyouneedtonight-ballet heels extrem allyouneedtonight-ballet heels extrem2 allyouneedtonight-ballet heels extrem3
  • orribileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eee
    75suana 7 hours ago
  • But is it comfortable?
  • It’d be funny if her pants ripped
    fetusdeletus 19 hours ago
  • this video is very creepy…
    gabriellejewel 1 day ago
  • i have only one thing to say OOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHH
    MrEvilmadness 2 days ago

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOHH MYYYY GOOOOODDD THEY ARE AUFULLLLL :((((( (puke)sexykittykat97 1 week ago

  • How can it be done videos so useless?
    It is distressing! There’s nothing to see, no performance.
    When we see the other videos of ballet boots, you should abstain.
    PonygirlRedbuttock 1 week ago

My response: I seriously don’t know why, but sometimes these comments are just so inexplicably inane… they make me tear up Crying face *ahem* Winking smile


:: 11 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

White Ballet Heels walking on a treadmill
uploaded by: TheHighHeely on 18 Sep 2009

thehighheely-white ballet heels walking on a treadmill
  • now …. RRUUUUNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mizfitdall 1 year ago 44

@mizfitdall That is RUNNING in ballets :-)))
TheHighHeely 1 year ago 19


:: 12 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Ballet Lessons : How Do Ballerinas Stand on Their Toes?
uploaded by: eHow on 9 Dec 2008

eHow-Ballet Lessons How Do Ballerinas Stand on their Toes
  • You should never go en pointe without a qualified dance teacher’s permission.
    PinkIce2335 1 year ago 71

  • she needs to show what shes explaining. ive watched tons of her videos. she needs examples
    luckycharms137 1 year ago 68

My response:
There is no way you’d watch tons of her videos… believe me.
I’ve only watched the one and I’m done. I’m really not being mean.  Thinking smile

  • @ManthyD Very few people can go en pointe barefoot without pain, and while it’s not necessarily bad, it may not be good for your feet. If you are a dancer, you should probably talk to your teacher about it. They are smart people who know what they’re talking about (hopefully). However if/when you go en pointe with pointe shoes, I’m going to guess that it will be less painful for you than it is for most people. Alicia01201998 2 days ago
    rantchannel623 4 days ago
  • ehow never fully explains things o-o  JJamisonkk 2 weeks ago
  • she spelled pointe shoes wrong in the description. LOL…loser
    CassieLalaGirly96 2 weeks ago
  • …why isn’t the lady demonstrating? She probably doesn’t have pointe shoes. And also mila kunis had a double doing all the actual dancing. You can’t become a professional ballet dancer after about 13. Unless you’re that girl from nycb but I can’t remember her name right now! She started when she was 16 and shes now a soloist.  Isabelleisdabestest 3 weeks ago
  • is it bad that i can go on the tips of my toes with no pain without point shoes.
    ManthyD 1 month ago


:: 13 :: YouTubers’s response to video:

Ballet Heels – Public Walk
uploaded by: SuzanziBalletHeels on 5 Dec 2010

  • I normally don’t like ballet heels, but but I’ll make an exception here, because you can actually walk in them athletically and gracefully. It’s amazing. Mistomax 1 week ago

@Mistomax Thank you Mistomax. They’re either a “love them” or “hate them” kind of shoe. Sort of like platform shoes to me. Can’t stand them, but I know many people do. 🙂 These boots are really good for walking. Some brands and styles aren’t. 🙂SuzanziBalletHeels 1 week ago

suzanziballetheels-ballet heels-public walk
  • Never mind the boots – I love the mini dress! This girl is so beautiful and she knows it, too!!! So do I. Gorgeous. xxx SJD4975 1 week ago

@SJD4975 Glad you found something here you liked too. 🙂 SuzanziBalletHeel

  • that is so strangely beautiful…i wish i cud do that, any advice? GakupoFangirl602 3 weeks ago

@GakupoFangirl602 There is a link to my walking in ballet heels journal on my front page. I can’t link it through a comment. It’s a generalised help for those wanting to use ballet heels… 🙂 
SuzanziBalletHeels 3 weeks ago

  • @lullabykissies I used them the first day I got them but I’ve gotten better as I’ve gone along. It’s been 2 years now I’ve had ballet heels. I have 27 pair now. 🙂
    SuzanziBalletHeels 5 months ago

  • you shouldnt wear the gloves and you should have got ready before the vidio
    theducki24 3 months ago 2

My response:  Surprised smile  It’s crazy what she can get up to in those shoes and how she accomplishes it too.  Sun


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