Dialogue: In the orphanage

In the orphanage

#by CBY: 2011#

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AAnnoyed: Bollocks to it all.

BThinking smile: Yeah, it’s all bullshit.

ASurprised smile: No it’s not.

BSarcastic smile: Yeah, it is.

AEye rolling smile: No, I have plans.

BSarcastic smile: Yeah, right. Like I got money.

AShifty: I have plans. I know what to do with myself… my life.

BAnnoyed: Like you’re gonna have a life?

ASad smile: Yeah, I will.

BEye rolling smile: So what are you planning?

AConfused smile: It’ll take shape…

BThinking smile: What will?

AWho me?: Plans.

BSarcastic smile: So what are they?

AVampire bat: What are yours?

BSarcastic smile: I really don’t have any. I’ve got dreams though.

APunch: I’m sick of them. They never come true.

BEye rolling smile: Alright. Don’t drag us all down with you.

ADevil: You’ll know soon enough.

BSleepy smile: What? That life’s what you make of it?

ANyah-Nyah: I don’t know about that. There’s a whole load of stuff you can’t do anything about.

BSurprised smile: Like what?

ASarcastic smile: Like what?! Like why are you in here and what can you do about that?

BWinking smile: What’s so bad about here? It’s better than being on the streets.

AAnnoyed: Yeah, but it doesn’t exactly help.

BSurprised smile: You’re kidding, right? Of course it helps.

AAnnoyed: You heard anything good about anyone who’s ever passed through these doors?

BPunk: I don’t know them.

AThinking smile: Yeah, and who does?

BThinking smile: What do you mean?

AAngry smile: When you leave here you’ll only get lost out there.

BFlirt male: Not me.

ADisappointed smile: What?

BIn love: That’s all that matters. It’s not about other people, it’s about me and what happens to me.

AAlien: It’s the same. What makes you different to anyone else?

BIn love: I’m not different, just careful.

AConfused smile: About what?

BNyah-Nyah: Everything.

AAnnoyed: You’re so vague.

BBe right back: And you’re so particular?

ASmile with tongue out: No, but I’m trying. I’m trying to make the most of it.

BConfused smile: And I’m not?

AI don't know smile: I don’t know…. Let’s not talk about it.

BSick smile: Anyway, I’m going to find Ben.

AWho me?: Yeah, he’s just gone out. I was talking to him earlier.

BShifty: OK, I’ll wait for him to come back then.

#by CBY: 2011#


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