Dialogue: Going to the Park


Going to the Park


#by CBY: 2011#


A o Thinking smile Sun protection: hat, SPF lotion, kaftan, sarong, sunglasses and lip balm.

B o Flirt male Picnic: blanket-mat, crockery, utensils, glasses, drinks, lunch food, salad and hamper. All lovingly prepared by moi. *smiles smugly, smoothly patting chest which swells with pride*

A o *ignores the ego*
Entertainment: magazine, book, radio, balls, rackets and Nintendo Gameboy.

B o What? But we’ve got each other. What’s wrong with good old-fashioned lovely conversation?

A o The art of, has been lost to the fog of time.

B o *Tut* Nooo. Come on, ditch the goods.

A o Eh? You’re the one who spends hours pouring over Gameboy game reviews and lusting after the new games section in the shop.

B o That’s on a bad day. Today is a good day. The sun is out.

A o Gah, I’m just bringing them, no one says we have to use them.

B o But I’m the one carrying the basket. If we don’t need them surely we should just leave them and save energy.

A o So if I had to carry the basket then we would bring more?

B o No. I’m just saying it’s supposed to be a leisurely day free of excessive materialism.

A o In your dreams. The only good days are those filled with material goods.

B o Is your life that empty and shallow?

A o Is your life that deep and profound only poverty can save you?

B o Don’t exaggerate. It’s only for one afternoon, no one is being poor by leaving what we don’t need at home. It’s about being free… it takes guts and intelligence to do that.

A o What are you saying?

B o I’m talking about the freedom to be leisurely.

A o Leisure does not mean I have to get rid of my entertainment goods. Anyway, you just accused me of being witless, gutless and stupid.

B o No, I didn’t.

A o Yes, you did. You accused me of not knowing what being free is.

B o No, you’re being too sensitive.

A o OK, so what did you say?

B o I said, today is about enjoying the outside, the sunshine and each other. Nothing else. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. To bring all those other things with us just congests and distracts.

A o Hey, I’ve had to work hard all week. I need some down time. Some off time. I need to flick my off switch.

B o Yes, that’s why we’re leaving all that stuff behind. It’s why we need to.

A o No.

B o Why?

A o Because.

B o Why?

A o I know why. I’m not going to explain myself on my day off. I’m tired.

B o That’s why we’ve got to leave that stuff here. You’ll only get grouchy the more you read. Give yourself a break.

A o It relaxes me. They’re my hobbies.

B o Us taking a picnic is a break from the same routine. You conducting your hobbies during the picnic is the same routine out in the sun.

:: how does this continue and end? ::

#by CBY: 2011#


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