Dialogue: Choosing an outfit

choosing an outfit


#by CBY: 2011#



A: I could die in that outfit…

B: I could fly in that one…

A: This is my reservation for when I sit in the pink throne…

B: Nah, it’s got to be this one.

A: Really? Surely that’s for the throne with crystal bling.

B: Hmm… maybe. I personally would wear this one if I was making a speech from a lavish golden throne wearing a jewel-encrusted tiara with a marble step and titanium rod.

A: Ok. Details, details. Now we’re getting somewhere.

B: How have I ever let you down? We’ve got 45 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the look, and we’ve already covered two-thirds of the floor.

A: That’s the worry – we haven’t chosen anything yet.

B: OK, well, it’s never been easy.

A: What about this one? Conservative with a large slit up the arms to show fashion-consciousness and youth.

B: I actually think that’s for middle-aged women.

A: No, not this label. Know your demographics, girl!

B: I do. But I also know my looks, guurl!

A: What about a sixties mini?

B: I prefer the tea dresses… try one. Here.

<how does this continue… ?>

#by CBY: 2011#


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