Fri3Jun11: my current tweets @23:11hksar

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      1. lettingthehongkongcantonesenewsswampmyears
        andmind #whatimdoingrightnow
      2. dehydratedskinandmytenacitywithvariouspromising
        jellywaterfacemasks #whatsonmymind
      3. Brillianceoccurs #ilovewhen
      4. SometimesItakethetime2begreatandsoIalsomust
      5. endlessbonesinthefishIeat #getonmynerves
      6. watchingthewaterconvectionwhenIaddmorenutrient
        watertotheholoholoshrimpsbowl #smallthingsinlife
      7. findingtherightfruitjuiceegcurrentlyitspomegranate
        andblueberryjuice #thingsilove
      8. crashinginternetbrowsers #annoyances
      9. newcomerstothelocalareathereissuchavarietyofpeoplehere


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