Fri3Jun11: my current tweets @02:50hksar

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      1. retweet of @omareldeeb: I’ve been wanting to pee for the last 2 hours, but damn it feels good to just wake up and stay in bed. #smallthingsinlife
      2. iactuallyhavethingstosaythatisworthlisteningto #ilovewhen
      3. imlovingthislittleluxurioustimeofbeingaloneinahotel
        roomlocatedinabusyshoppingdistrictofkowloon #sincewebeinghonest
      4. usingchopsticksevokesatypeofjoyfulnesslikenoother
        eatingustensilbarnone #thingsilove
      5. beingabletojustifymyselfpointofviewopinionand
        stanceonvariousmattersunnecessarilypleasurably #zenmoments

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