Fri3Jun11: current series of tweets @01:16hksar

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      1. Still Don’t Get Twitter? Maybe This Will Help” from Pistachio which consults on “micro blogging. macro results”.
      2. each ‘tweet’ is max 140 characters and you can mobile tweet from phone apps.
      3. my contribution to #getonmynerves:
        1. havingtiredeyesanditchysorescalp
        2. beingluredontotheinternetandgettingexcitablyaddicted
      4. my contribution to #smallthingsinlife:
        1. awellthoughtoutshoppingsuperstorewithdetailsthrillsand
        2. maybewhatijusttweetedwasmoreaboutthedetailsinlife
      5. having my mind tinkled by Chris Stranding’s “Fast Train to Everywhere”

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