Sun: my eye-balls are on the blink

Location : noticing my eye-balls and eye-bags… they feel heavy, tired and in need of some care Sad smile *pity-sob*.  Still in Kowloon, HKSAR.

eyeball Glass Eye
Picture sourced from a post entitled “
The eyeball effect dated 12 Jan 2011,
on  writer
Claire King’s website (who is located in France).

Listening to :  NHK World’s programme about “Sen Genshitsu – Japanese Tea Master”. 


Japanese Tea Ceremony
From an article entitled “
The Tea Ceremony” regarding various significant, cultural tea ceremonies from around the world.  Located in a website called ‘To Tea or Not to Tea’ (work-in-progress).

Previously there was a programme called “Cool Japan” and that particular episode was talking about souvenirs, or 土 产, which means ‘local produce’  and is pronounced as ‘tu2 chan3’ in mainland contemporary Chinese Mandarin or some crazy pronunciation if you’re Japanese.  Both vastly different pronunciations from two different countries, but same writing and meaning. 


Sushi Pillows
Cushy or what?!  Open-mouthed smile

Anyway, on that “Cool Japan” episode they were making hyper-realistic, miniature plastic sushi as accessories e.g. key-chains.  All the plastic ‘ingredients’ were made with such finesse and realism – it truly seemed as if they were making real food, but yummier!  It ended up looking like someone’s last supper before the end of the world… spookily brilliant.

Contemplating : acne.  One word.  Countless problems.

Plans for the day : Collect some Nissin cup noodles: bagsie the “Five Spice Beef” flavour and “XO-sauce Seafood” flavour!

Latest retail therapy disclosure :
Dai Pai Dong’sMilk Tea mix in Hong Kong-style”, which is an instant 3 in 1 powder drink… Smile with tongue out
[<大批档> 即溶奶茶:港式]

Dai Pai Dong-Milk Tea-Hong Kong Style02

Dai Pai Dong-Milk Tea-Hong Kong Style01

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
(1) Dad went over-night in hospital, but apparently it’s just a check-up.
(2) Mum is using her mobile phone’s text-messaging service… whoopie, now she’s learning.

Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling :
:: soothing ::
Nice relaxing TV rather than big Hollywood blockbuster action film.

The randomly gratuitous section:
My second set of gel nails.  This time I upgraded to getting the white sculptural flowers, but OMG, did the removal of the last set of nails cause more than a few twinges.  She used pliers to remove the nails and then some kind of sanding tool to remove the bumps – my nail bed was on fire.  Phew.  Anyway, here goes another couple of weeks with some very unnatural nails. Send a kiss

gel nails-red black flower03

gel nails-red black flower01


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