Chinese Words for Thought: in vivid form

Over the course of a few days, I selected and knocked out a few Chinese characters for brief contemplation and placed them in a vivid setting intended to spark them off.  I hope you might find them enjoyable for the eyes, heart and mind. 

As a summary here is a list of them:

  1. | hao3
    = good
  2. | jue2
    = sense
  3. 思想 态度 | si1xiang3 – tai4du1
    = thought and attitude
  4. 心想 事成 | xin1xiang3 shi4cheng2
    = heart’s desire is materially achieved
  5. 信心 | xin4xin1
    = confidence i.e. believe in the heart
  6. | xin1
    = heart
  7. 有问题吗?| you3 wen4ti1 ma0 ?
    = any problems?
  8. 怎么样?还可以吗?| zen3me0yang4 – hai2 ke3yi0 ma0
    = how are you?

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