Sat: topsy-turvy day and night


“Day Surrendering Unto Night”
Sheila Wolk at All

Location : stuffed to the gills on take-away California Pizza Kitchen’s California Club thick crust pizza, and coughing up deep-fat fried bacon bits – the smouldering, intense latent heat was a choker – in HKSAR.

Listening to : Joey Yung guest singing at some male Canto-pop star’s concert – I do recognise him and like his concert, but don’t know his name.

Contemplating : how successful my night’s sleep is going to be.

Plans for the day : the day has gone.

Latest retail therapy disclosure : moisturising eye-drops and ‘Liese’s’ Bubble range of foam hair colourant in Cerise Berry.

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
(1) sudden on-set of phlegmy coughing, spluttering and general stuckage of mucus in the oesophagus
(2) oodles of taste in the pizza Smile with tongue out

Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling :
:: general, irrational bemusement :: 
probably comes from gorging on the yummy, smouldering, wood-smoked pizza only to start choking on phlegm…


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